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8 Tips and Ways to Grow Your Own Motivation for Success


Aug 12, 2017

It is impossible to achieve success while your motivation is weak. It cannot be denied that challenges and trials in life sometimes make someone feel disappointed and frustrated. So it is not surprising that some of them choose to withdraw regularly and end up having no higher goals in life.

Trying to survive is often difficult, let alone getting up and developing. Even though this is bad news for some of the younger generation in Indonesia, in fact there are still people who use this mindset. That’s why they never struggle hard to reach the peak of success. In fact, what happens is that they feel they don’t deserve to dream as big as they can because it will only hurt themselves.

However, living without self-motivation to succeed actually creates bad habits. So almost every day they carry out activities that lead to having fun, relaxing and being lazy. As a result, they become people who do not have the mentality of successful people. So how do you increase motivation?

8 Tips and Ways to Grow Your Own Motivation for Success

How to grow inner motivation to succeed

1. Have dreams and goals in life

Many people are afraid to dream as high as they can because if they fall (don’t achieve it) it will hurt a lot.
Because of this, they don’t dare to dream big and choose to live their lives like most people.

The problem is when you don’t dare to dream, try looking at the situation of people who have that mindset. Has their life changed for the better or do they continue to live in that state?

Let’s think about it for a moment!

Therefore, you need to dream big to continue to develop and achieve better life goals. Remember, dreams and life goals that even sound impossible to achieve can actually be achieved by Indonesian or international figures. Among them are Merry Riana, Thomas Alfa Edison, and others.

2. Have a structured plan

One of the causes of failure to succeed is unpreparedness to face the situation and developments of the times.
Many people have dreams and high goals in life. However, negligence in planning leads to the view that this is difficult to realize.

Referring to this problem, once you are determined with your dreams and high life goals, immediately lock these targets with a strategic plan. That way, your steps will slowly direct you on the path to success.

Indeed, for some people, having a well-arranged plan for success is sometimes difficult to do. The good news is that you don’t need to make a plan from scratch. You can see and learn what steps successful people have taken to achieve their success.

3. Record your progress

Once you have finished making a plan, the next step is to make it happen.
In some cases there may be several steps that have not been achieved. However, don’t worry if it turns out that overall your strategy development is getting closer to success.

As for the steps that are still missed, try studying them again. If you really have to do it then do it immediately, but if it turns out that the step has been covered by another step instead then you don’t need to do it.

However, it is better that every step you have planned is realistic enough to be carried out. So the consequences if something goes wrong become smaller. In addition, you should record the progress of your plan every day, week and month.

4. Read motivational books

The reality is that many people experience difficulties for a long time.
So the desire to move forward is hampered by thoughts of the past. As a result, his self-motivation is limited to being able to escape from these difficulties and does not really hope to achieve maximum happiness.

I realize that it is not easy to get out of the trouble of thinking about past suffering. But be assured that it is not good to continue regretting the past. Now your task is to create a good future that you can be proud of.

Reading motivational books will more or less influence your mindset to become more optimistic and inspiring. In fact, I was also motivated to get out of this abyss with motivational books. You can read the book The Power of Kepepet by Jaya Setiyabudi or The Way to Win by Solikhin Abu Izzudin.

5. Attend motivational seminars

You can also increase your self-motivation to succeed by attending motivational seminars.
If by chance there is a motivational seminar around the city or area where you live, you can register to be a guest. However, if you like watching on your TV screen at home, don’t worry because there are several inspiring TV programs. Among these programs is Impossible so I’m Possible with presenters Merry Riana, Kick Andi, and others.

By attending motivational seminars you can listen to motivators talk about various difficulties or difficulties experienced by many people and how to overcome them. Through this seminar, hopefully your self-motivation to succeed will increase.

6. Make friends with wise and optimistic people

Sometimes the friends you choose will influence your self-motivation.
If you are friends with people who like to have fun, relax in life or laze around then don’t expect you to be a person who is intelligent in seeing the future. You might even get caught up in their unproductive habits.

It’s different if you make friends with wise people. The good habits they adopt will lead you to see success in life as a goal. Their creative and inspiring mindset slowly makes your motivation continue to grow abundantly. 

7. Give rewards (awards)

Self-motivation will usually increase because there is a small reward obtained.
Some people forget the moment to give rewards to themselves. So that after completing one of the steps towards success there is no feeling of “Wow” that can be felt. This is what causes motivation to tend to stagnate (stay in place / not increase) and there is even the possibility of decreasing even slightly.

Actually, when giving rewards or awards, it doesn’t need to be something luxurious like going out. But in this case you can buy things that actually lead to facilitating the path to success. Or you can gather your successful team or family to celebrate with discussions over food.

8. Learn from past failures

Basically, no one is successful in one try.
In fact, what happens is that most of the successful people in the world experience failure. So it’s not surprising that some of them suffer from repeated failures.

However, people who have high motivation will see this as a spice in life that must be lived. They are not afraid of failure because from there they learn many things which ultimately make them smarter in finding opportunities for success.

In conclusion, regardless of the different levels of motivation of each human being, it is certainly very interesting and encouraging if you walk with high motivation. It is not easy to have a high sense of optimism because it is influenced by several reasons. But withI think the 8 tips and ways to increase self-motivation above are getting closer to your success. You agree? 

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