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8 Smart Reasons You Choose Entrepreneurship to Succeed


Jul 10, 2017

It cannot be denied that becoming an entrepreneur can lead someone to become successful and rich in their life. How could it not be, we can see this from the fact that most rich people are dominated by entrepreneurs. So it is not surprising that many people choose to become entrepreneurs rather than employees.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to be an employee. However, if you look at it in general, only a small percentage can become rich in this profession. Even then, it is often limited to the position he holds, such as director or manager of a company. With these 2 positions, success and wealth can be achieved. However, if you are only a low-level employee, it is quite difficult to be successful and rich in just a few years.

It’s different if you become an entrepreneur. Various opportunities and potential success can be achieved more quickly. Of course, this really depends on your knowledge and experience in the business world. However, everything can be learned, including the business world. So, don’t be afraid if you hate being an office employee.

8 Smart Reasons You Choose Entrepreneurship to Succeed

Smart reasons for choosing entrepreneurship to be successful

1. The potential for success and wealth becomes higher

It’s a smart move if you want to become an entrepreneur because only a few people dare to do it.
Some people prefer to be employees and receive a salary every month. They think that this is enough to make them successful and rich.

However, if you become an employee, your potential for success and wealth is limited. This is proven by the ease of calculating monthly income or positions that can be obtained if certain conditions are met. So in a few months there will be almost no significant improvement unless you become the best employee in that time period.

Of course, this does not apply to an entrepreneur. When you first start developing your business, your income may still be relatively small, but when your business is stable and it is easy to gain customers’ trust, that’s what makes it special. You can get abundant income from the hard work you have put in. It could even be that this income is almost the same as your salary in a few months or years.

2. There is no obligation to be regulated by other people

One of the problems in carrying out work is being scolded by your boss because of mistakes you have made.
Indeed, everyone can make mistakes at work. However, if you refer to the hard work you have done, then a harsh reprimand from your boss is like mental pressure that is hard to forget.

The good news is that you will not experience this condition if you become an entrepreneur. You can work with a sense of security and comfort according to your abilities. Every hard work you have done, you yourself will reap it. So, if your efforts are optimal then there is a big possibility that the results obtained will also be optimal.

3. Creativity and imagination are well developed

An employee only works according to directions ordered by his superior.
Therefore there is no room for him to develop creativity and imagination. Work results can often be predicted from the beginning until the end of the work. So, you could say the job is always the same every day. So in this case boredom and boredom are the consequences that must be faced.

On the other hand, if you choose to become an entrepreneur. You can be creative widely and freely in accordance with real new ideas or concepts. You can experiment with other methods or strategies to achieve better successful results. What’s more, you won’t be blamed by other people if it turns out that your creativity isn’t running smoothly.

4. Want to be more independent

One of the things that makes people want to become entrepreneurs is to appear more independent.
In principle, an employee relies on dependence on other people to make ends meet. So that the income every month is based on cooperation between the boss and his subordinates.

However, if you become an entrepreneur, any income you earn is based on cooperation between business partners. In short, you and the customer have the same position in cooperation. So that no one is dominant in managing or giving orders which could cause mental pressure.

5. Forced or desperate situation

Regarding becoming an entrepreneur, you also have to know that some people do it out of compulsion.
This means that they may have become entrepreneurs because they were fired from their office or because of mental pressure from other people that made them take bold steps.

Even though it seems reckless, it is not uncommon for this to foster high levels of integrity. So it’s not surprising that after several months the business he developed earned significant, abundant income. Aren’t many people successful because they started with this situation?

6. Get double the satisfaction and sense of pride

An employee’s sense of satisfaction and pride is only limited to the recognition of the boss or supervisor where you work.
That’s why the happy feeling you get won’t make you happy for long. Why?

Whatever the cheerful condition of an exemplary employee, the next task is ready to await. Of course, this is often followed by pressure or deadlines from the office. So previous satisfaction or pride does not guarantee that you can work in a safe and comfortable condition.

Looking at this case, it seems that the satisfaction and sense of pride of an entrepreneur when successful in a project cannot be compared to that of an employee. How could it not be, entrepreneurs work for themselves and do not expect recognition from others. So don’t be surprised if the joy they dream of at work can double. In fact, these feelings may last for quite a long time and are difficult to forget. Especially if this moment occurs when a new business venture is developing.

7. Have more time with family

Usually every employee who works in an office requires him not to meet his family.
It is true that meetings with family can occur every day, but if we refer to the time they occur then they are most likely only at night until the morning before leaving for work.

Meanwhile, if you become an entrepreneur, you can easily get the potential to meet your family more often. Even in the midst of your busy work schedule, there is a possibility that you will bring family members. That’s why many entrepreneurs end up no longer wanting to try being employees to achieve success.

8. It’s sad to see that many people are unemployed

There are also some people who want to become entrepreneurs because they see that people in their surrounding environment are still unemployed.
For people with an entrepreneurial spirit, this is an ideal opportunity to both gain profits. By creating a potential new business, an entrepreneur can utilize their energy to develop your business.

Indeed, there is a possibility that they will reject your offer to become an employee for reasons of interest or other things. However, if they see that this is the only opportunity to earn income then in the end they will give in and want to work with you. From this we can learn that you become an entrepreneur by choice, while on the other hand you can help other people earn income.

In conclusion, although working and achieving success and income depends on hard work. However, it does not rule out the possibility that there are ways to achieve it quickly or slowly, easily or difficultly, effectively or ineffectively and so on. Apart from that, the reason for choosing to become an entrepreneur is the biggest door to success because it offers various advantages that office employees don’t have. So, you want to become an entrepreneur? 

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