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8 Powerful Tips to Motivate Yourself so You Don’t Fail to Succeed


Apr 26, 2017

In reality, a person’s self-motivation can increase and decrease. This is not strange considering the various problems and challenges that change in life. The problem is how you view the situation. This is very crucial because mistakes in thinking will lead you to failure.

It is not easy to face life which tends to be difficult and complicated.
Moreover, there is no one closest to you who understands your problem. So it’s not uncommon for what you confide in to family, friends or someone you trust to result in despair. This is what is very dangerous if you cannot control your emotions and thoughts so you easily give up and despair.

The good news is that you don’t have to go to a psychology doctor to overcome weak motivation.
You can motivate yourself by applying a good way of thinking when looking at the future.

8 Powerful Tips to Motivate Yourself so You Don't Fail to Succeed

The simplest tips for motivating yourself

1. Have strong beliefs

In relation to motivating yourself, never forget your level of belief in each step.
Strong confidence will lead you to a situation that continues to be optimistic even when complicated problems arise.

The first thing you have to do to ensure your confidence remains strong is a clear plan that can be realized.

Clear planning makes you overconfident which leads to optimism.
Meanwhile, it can be realized, which means that the plan can be realized after going through several stages, processes or steps. This is how your confidence boosts your extraordinary self-motivation.

2. Maintain focus

So that your plan for success does not lead to failure, maintaining focus must be a serious consideration, why?
Many people move forward with well-arranged plans, but due to circumstances or situations that change drastically, focus is lost. This is what is very dangerous in your life.

Maybe you have seen people who move with strong determination and belief.
However, try to pay attention to his seriousness in maintaining focus. If their focus is easily shaken by trials, then it is certain that the plans for success that have been made will result in failure.

Indeed, in each step there are often two consequences between success and failure.
So it’s not surprising that anxiety easily comes because of this. However, don’t be too afraid of failure because it could be that the experience you go through will lead you to success.

3. Read stories of successful people

You need to know that belief and focus will not always lead you to high motivation.
Behind it all, it is highly recommended that you read stories of successful people. Indeed, this does not guarantee you 100% success, but at least you will learn from their valuable experiences in understanding life.

From there it turns out that some people can take the right steps because they are appropriate to the situation they are experiencing.
It might sound excessive to you, but many people are inspired by their life journey. Therefore, have books that talk about stories of successful people. Because maybe you will catch extraordinary success from them.

4. Pursue support from others

Whoever you are, there must be someone close to you (father, mother, sibling, friend or neighbor) who has the spirit of helping each other.
Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to confide in them about your plans or desires.

Maybe you seem to have weak beliefs.
But in this case there is no harm in pursuing support from them. Who knows, if you discuss it, they will provide valuable advice that has never entered your heart. When they raise this, your self-motivation will increase.

However, you should also learn basic human psychology.
Don’t let the wrong discussion with that person end up having a bad impact on your motivation. However, not everyone understands your aim and purpose in discussing problems. So, seek support from people who can understand your problem and not just answer your words. Because the two things are different in their consequences.

5. Analyze the development of each stage

Analyzing every step you take will make your target easier and faster.
Basically, every step you take must go through stages and processes. Sometimes these stages or processes go well and correctly, but not infrequently they can go worse.

For this reason, when you are analyzing, don’t forget to evaluate every step you take.
Immediately find problems that are slowing down the process and look for creative solutions that can overcome them. It’s even easier if you divide your big targets into small targets that can be realized at each step. This way you can consistently have high motivation.

6. Give awards for every step of success

Instead of doubling your self-motivation, even being too serious about achieving big targets can make your motivation easily shaken and weak.
Therefore, setting small targets can reduce the burden on your mind to continue to be enthusiastic.

I realized that the main success is when you reach the top.
But don’t let this assumption misunderstand you. Therefore, try to give a simple award for the success of each step in your plan stages. Actually, you can give appreciation by increasing your worship or giving alms.

Or you can take a temporary vacation to reduce the burden on your mind.
However, try not to overdo it when celebrating because it can also make you complacent and reduce your focus.

7. Learn from mistakes

It cannot be denied that in carrying out each step the possibility of errors remains.
Even successful people have not escaped making mistakes like this in the past.

Doing all the steps correctly is not possible in one go.
Not because you don’t believe or believe in the steps you are taking, but along with a bad situation it can trigger wrong steps.

A wrong step is not a sign that you have failed, but a wrong step teaches you to increase your experience of thinking and acting in making decisions.
If you think like that, your self-motivation will definitely increase.

8. Love the process

Successful people will not consider themselves successful until they love the process of doing it.
So it’s not surprising that when talking about the process of achieving success, successful people like to talk about the process they have gone through.

They prefer to tell sad stories rather than happy stories.
This proves that their memories of achieving success are in line with their hard work in facing problems. That’s why it’s not surprising that to achieve success, loving the process is the key to reviving self-motivation.

In conclusion, despite the fact that achieving success is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand.
However, with a clear plan, hard work and smart work, all of these things make the burden lighter. For this reason, please learn the methods above so that your self-motivation in achieving success continues to increase. 

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