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8 Hobbies That Make Money for Sure


Dec 21, 2015

Now is the time to pursue hobbies that make money.
Why? In the past, people only used hobbies as a place to refresh or refresh their minds for a moment. So it’s not surprising that they use their free time for this. Even though it is still considered normal, in essence time is spent on only 1 thing. 

In fact, if you maximize your hobby for something more valuable, it will certainly be an enjoyable business opportunity.
People say “While diving, drink water”. Even though it is only a hobby/hobby, in reality many people actually depend on this business for their livelihood. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you make your hobby creative and innovative into a side business to make money.

Although there are many hobbies that make money, it also depends on you.
Maybe other people’s hobbies are not the same as yours. Therefore, make sure you do the best hobby. This makes it easier for you to maximize your existing potential.

8 Hobbies That Make Money for Sure

Hobbies That Make Money

1. Hobby of Writing

It cannot be denied that writing can be a hobby that makes money.
If you really hope to earn income from this activity then you are right. However, writing has become a popular new hobby.

There are various types of writing.
There are fiction and non-fiction. If your hobby is non-fiction then writing articles could be the easiest way. All you have to do is open a good article writing service by presenting your own unique and interesting writing.

However, if this is not possible because you don’t know the correct way to promote, using third party services could be an alternative.
There are many article writing service sites that are ready to accommodate your writing creativity. Next, you just have to choose whether you want to write in Indonesian or English. If your hobby is writing articles in Indonesian
as Content Writer, you can try it. However, if you choose English, Iwriter could be an option.

As for if you are interested in writing fiction or short stories, novels or fairy tales.
What you can do with your hobby is to present interesting, current and inspiring fiction stories. After that, send your work to the book publisher. money a hobby

The problem is that many book publishers are too selective, so it is not uncommon for works to be rejected.
However, you can still send the work to other book publishers. Maybe somewhere else your work will be accepted. Once accepted, you will definitely get royalties on sales of the work to the public.

However, there are still other ways to do it
through writing. You create a valuable and useful e-book (digital book) and then sell it online on the internet. That way you can enjoy the income you earn alone. How did you become interested in becoming a writer?

2. Hobby Blogging

Regarding blogging, I differentiate it.

Even though both of them are active as writers.

It is true that these 2 activities revolve around being a writer, but you need to remember that the hobby of writing (no. 1) is about actually selling writing.
Meanwhile, the hobby of blogging is writing a blog for yourself. However, blogging is a very prospective money-making hobby. For more details, visit 

Top 11 Ways to Make Money from the Internet.

In this regard, internet users are now starting to emerge who actively write on blogs.
At first they were just for fun, but gradually they turned it into a hobby that made real money.

Remember, even people with low education can be successful in the world of blogging.
Therefore, it is not surprising that writing on a blog is the newest and most popular hobby that makes money.

3. Hobby Graphic Design

Are you interested in making graphic designs?
If it’s true, it means you can make it a unique hobby that makes money.

To make it a money maker, you have to create a unique design so that your work easily attracts companies to hire your services.

That way, you become an employee so that your income can be guaranteed by the company.
Especially if your graphic design services can penetrate the share of companies with big brands. You can be sure that the commission you get will be even more tempting.

Unfortunately, not all graphic designers can be accepted into companies.
However, there are many sites out there that accept graphic design work such as logos. If you have good design skills, you can become a design freelancer. The honor that will be obtained can be said to be large and enough to live on.
Freelancer.com or Designbyhumans.com can be your first step in making it a hobby that makes money.

4. Photography hobby

Even though it’s just taking photos, it turns out that this hobby can be a business that can make money.
Moreover, what you photograph has high art, character and contains a purpose and purpose.

If you look on the internet, you will definitely find various kinds of copyrighted photos.
This label indicates that not everyone can use the photo freely, especially for things related to the internet world, such as supporting material for blog articles.

This proves that a good photo from a photographer has valuable selling value.
So it’s not surprising if it becomes a unique hobby that makes money.

There are various sites that will buy photos like this.
Bigstockphoto.com or Shutterstock.comIt could be a business opportunity to turn it into a hobby that makes money. Therefore, continue to practice your photography skills because the quality of the photos is directly proportional to the salary you get.

5. Record and Upload Video

This hobby seems to have become a new trend in the modern digital world.
They like to make videos to channel their love for their hobbies. So it is not surprising that every precious moment can be immortalized in a video work.

In this regard, it seems appropriate if this hobby is used to make money.
Why? Currently the
Youtube.com service allows account owners to monetize their videos. Of course, through an Adsense account for Youtube.

To be successful in this program, you should upload unique videos so that many people can watch them more quickly.
Apart from that, you are allowed to upload hundreds or even thousands of other interesting videos. Of course, you have to guarantee that the video is not a duplicate of someone else’s video. That way, your business opportunity to earn a large income can be achieved.

6. Hobby Cooking

You don’t need to be embarrassed if you have a hobby of cooking.
Nowadays, cooking is not just a monopoly of women, but many men also become chefs in various star hotels. They become hotel or restaurant employees and earn fantastic income from this hobby.

Related to this, if you have the ability to cook and are interested in making it a hobby that makes money then do it.
You don’t have to have a certificate or anything like that. You don’t even have to have a big restaurant to start. The food doesn’t have to be luxurious, just cakes, bread or dishes that last a few days.

The most important thing is that you really have a hobby of cooking and love it.
Regarding making money from your cooking hobby, you just have to work at home. Marketing can be done through social media groups or through online stores. Many people have been successful with this strategy so you definitely can too. How interested?

7. Gardening hobby

Have a hidden hobby of gardening?
What type of gardening do you like most, vegetables, fruit or ornamental plants? Don’t just make it a daily activity. Make other people enjoy the results of your gardening.

Remember, all types of gardening can be used for promising business opportunities.
In fact, it is not impossible that the profits obtained can be sufficient for your family’s life. Therefore, it is time for you to make your gardening hobby a unique hobby that makes money.

The most important thing about this is your customer satisfaction.
So always pay attention to the quality of your plants so that they can gradually skyrocket due to free promotions from buyers to other people.

If you are serious about this hobby, it is not impossible that your business will grow and your turnover will increase rapidly.
So enjoy being a gardener and feel the joy.

8. Pet Hobbies

Another hobby that makes money profitable is pets.
If you have a hobby of keeping pets such as birds, rabbits or fish. You can use this opportunity to become a prospective business opportunity. Why?

You can imagine that from this simple hobby the possibility of making big money is wide open.
Especially if you can manage it well.

Some people have a hobby of birds, so canaries and lovebirds can be practiced.
Or if you like fish, eating ornamental fish or ornamental lobster could be a smart solution. Apart from being a hobby, it turns out that this doesn’t require capital and a large area of ​​land. Therefore, increase your ability to care for animals so that the animal’s chances of living are greater and income is greater.

In conclusion

Even though there are many
hobbies that make money . However, I think these eight hobbies are the ones that most people do, perhaps including you. Even so, don’t force business opportunities that are outside your hobby. This aims to ensure that what you do is truly focused and targeted. That way your business is easy to run with a small percentage of losses. Which is your hobby? 

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