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8 Considerations When You Make Money from Advertising Programs with Blogs


Jun 9, 2017

 It cannot be denied that being an ad publisher through a blog is a means of making money online. So it’s not surprising that many internet users are interested in entering the world of blogging and then creating personal blogs. Whether it’s just a free blog or a paid blog.

Apart from this, there are actually many bloggers who have proven that making money from advertising programs really does exist. Some of them have even made their personal blogs a passive income tool. How could it not be, the potential money earned could exceed an employee’s salary.

However, to be honest, creating a blog and making money from advertising programs is not as easy as it sounds. You have to face various challenges and hard work. Apart from that, you need patience because in the world of blogging, many people easily give up and then stop blogging.

That’s why before you get serious about making money from the internet, you should think wisely and considerately. Don’t let yourself get tired of working and then stop in the middle of the road because you regret it.

8 Considerations When You Make Money from Advertising Programs with Blogs

Seriously consider making money from advertising programs with blogs

1. Creating a blog is easy, but requires posting articles to read

In fact, basically creating a blog is easy and fast, especially if you use the Blogger platform as an option.
However, you also have to be aware of something about the blog you have created. You must be able to manage a blog by posting articles that are good and useful for visitors. It is impossible for internet users to visit your blog if there are no articles for them to read.

Therefore, you must have a strategy to publish articles regularly. Some bloggers recommend posting articles at least 2-3 times a week. However, if your blog is still new, it is usually recommended to post 2-3 articles a day. That way, your blog has lots of articles to attract potential visitors.

If in this case you cannot regularly post articles on your blog, there are 2 ways. First, you just need to use the services of an article writer for a fee. The problem is that almost all writing services charge around 4000-5000 rupiah for every 100 words. So you could say you need a lot of money to keep producing articles.

Second, you just have to write your own articles and then publish them on your blog. Unfortunately, if you are still learning to write, it can take a long time to produce a good article. Therefore, you must diligently learn to write if you want to choose the second method.

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2. Choose the right topic

When you decide to create a personal blog, plan exactly what topics you will discuss on the blog.
Clear and focused topic targeting will make it easier for you to produce related articles.

This is where your personal branding will be tested. If you succeed in writing quality articles, it is not impossible that your blog will become an authority blog.

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Apart from that, the right topic means that search engines like Google will give your blog a high position because it focuses on a specific topic. Of course, to identify the right topic you have to suit your own personality. But what is clear is that usually these topics tend to be things that you are interested in. Or at least the topic is something you are very interested in learning about.

Never choose a topic that you feel unfamiliar with. Indeed, each topic has differences in search problems on search engines. However, if you force yourself to dive into unfamiliar topics, chances are you will easily give up or complain quickly.

3. Blogs are long-term assets

In fact, a personal blog is very suitable as a long-term asset.
This is not to dampen your enthusiasm for entering the world of blogging, but this is more of a warning that personal blogs rarely make money in a short time.

If you want to do online business or sell, maybe making an online shop website is the right choice. This type of website tends to focus on attracting buyers so that the possibility of earning money can be realized quickly. However, if you create a personal blog to become an advertising publisher such as Google Adsense or Infolinks, the opposite will apply.

Before your blog is really busy with visitors, the potential for the blog to make money is still very small, it could even be zero. For this reason, a personal blog is more suitable as a long-term asset.

However, the potential income from advertising programs cannot be underestimated. Many ad publishers earn thousands per month from personal blogs. So, if you choose a personal blog, you must at least have sufficient savings before your blog can actually make money.

4. Focus on building 1 blog first

Indeed, the potential for abundant money from the internet can make you lose control.
So in this case you want to create more than one blog and hope for quick success.

Actually, you can build lots of blogs because other successful bloggers also do this. However, if you are just at the beginner stage, don’t be too ambitious so that your planning fails.

I mentioned above that blogs require lots of article posts to get lots of visitors. If you insist on creating more than one blog, then of course the blogs must have different topics.

This condition is certainly not good for you in managing your blog so that it is successful. In fact, different topics tend to be difficult for you to load articles on. Moreover, concentration that is often divided can make you think extra hard. However, in this condition your enthusiasm will quickly decline if the income does not come.

Therefore, just focus on 1 blog that you are sure can develop optimally. Later, if your blog can become a passive income machine, you can start a new blog. The way to do this is by investing the profits from the first blog to develop the next blog.

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5. Choose a paid domain, paid hosting is better

Before registering for an advertising program with a personal blog, make sure your domain is paid for.
This is very important because some advertising programs are more responsive to paid domains.

Indeed, on Google Adsense you can register a blog with a free domain. However, it would be a shame if you failed to be accepted into the program. When you use a free domain to register for Google Adsense, Adsense locks the free domain name for re-registration. If you still fail then it will most likely make you complain and not want to continue.

It’s different if you use a paid domain, then you will be serious about correcting the error so that it can be accepted by Adsense. Especially if you use private hosting, your enthusiasm for not wanting to lose makes you more serious.

There may also be the option of choosing another advertising program as an alternative. However, if your domain is free, the potential for giving up easily is still very high. So, it’s better to make sacrifices at the start so that failure can trigger a fighting spirit to continue moving forward and developing.

6. Comply with advertising program regulations

Because getting on the list of advertising publishers is not easy, try to keep your blog on the right track.
Learn every existing rule so you don’t break it.

In cases such as Google Adsense, violating regulations means being subject to sanctions. Even worse, if your violation is in the serious category, your account will be banned forever. So the potential for online money from Adsense will disappear from the blog’s path. If that’s the case, you have to find another way to fight from scratch.

7. Place ads wisely

Even though ad clicks are how online advertising programs work to earn commissions, that doesn’t mean you are overdoing it.
Advertising should be adjusted to the number and conditions of readers. Don’t place advertisements that exceed the specified limits.

Apart from that, try to make the appearance of the advertisement make readers/visitors feel comfortable. That way they get what they want and it doesn’t disturb their concentration when reading.

However, try to place your ad in the right place, such as under the post title or at the end of the post. Apart from that, you can place advertisements in the sidebar. After that, you just hope they want to click on the ad on your blog.

8. Build backlinks and promotions

No matter how great your blog is, you still need backlinks to increase its popularity.
There are various ways to build backlinks on blogs, such as blogwalking, links from discussion forums, links from blog directories or links from social bookmarks. Apart from that, you have to share every blog article post on social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on.

It does take extra effort to build backlinks. It could even be that you only get the results of building these backlinks after several weeks or months. So, you have to be patient in doing it because this will reduce your time for writing articles.

In conclusion, despite the large number of internet users who are entering to create blogs and make money from advertising programs. It must be admitted that this requires a process and time. Therefore, pay attention to the 8 serious things above before you are really sure that you want to become a blogger and make money online from the internet. 

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