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7 Tips and Ways to Comment Well and Correctly on Other People’s Blogs


Feb 24, 2017

It cannot be denied that commenting activities on blogs are very necessary to build communication with blog/site owners.
Indeed, it is not the most important thing to develop a blog so that it is successful. However, this is highly recommended by professional bloggers, especially if you can leave a trace in the form of a link to your blog.

The problem is that not all bloggers understand how to comment properly and correctly.
As a result, they can only write comments labeled as plagiarism or spam because they contain no learning at all. However, comments like this will not make you known for your quality. In fact, the worst thing is that you could be said to be a beginner reader or blogger who has no competence. Besides that, Google also doesn’t like this way of commenting.

However, don’t think about stopping commenting on other people’s blogs.
However, you need blogwalking techniques to make your blog bigger and have a trademark.

7 Tips and Ways to Comment Well and Correctly on Other People's Blogs

Tips and how to comment properly and correctly on blogs

1. Pay attention to the commenting rules of the blog owner

Commenting rules have become part of the blog post page.
Many blog owners provide rules regarding permitted commenting procedures in the comment box. The goal is clear so that readers can provide targeted and quality comments. That way you create a positive discussion.

Even though it is not part of the article material, there is no harm in reading these rules before commenting.
Respect the blog owner by paying attention to the rules made. That way you can become a smart blogger.

2. Make sure you mention your name

Before commenting, of course the blog owner will see your name as your personal identity.
Although simple, the reality is that your name reflects who you are and how you will be found. If the blog owner finds it difficult to recognize you, it is very likely that your comment will not be approved.

Therefore, don’t be embarrassed to mention your name when leaving a comment.
You can provide your Google+ name as identification. However, if you are commenting on a site that uses the WordPress CMS, you must write your real name. However, it is highly recommended that you insert a site link to your blog in the name.

3. Comment in good and polite sentences

Actually, the comments you provide contain certain understandings about character and personality.
How could it not be, the sentences you use reflect your skills in understanding the material you have read.

Therefore, you should provide comments in good and polite sentences.

Because in this case you are building a network of friends with him.
The first impression you should give is that you have a good personality and are polite in speaking. If you consistently provide comments in this way, I think their responses can provide a solution to your blogging problems.

4. Maximize the types of comments required

When providing comments, of course there are several types of intentions contained in the writing.
It is interesting when you can provide comments that make other authors or visitors feel helped.

So, you just have to choose the type of comment you need, it can be a question or add the next important point that the author forgot.
Or you can provide comments by providing a more mature explanation of the material discussed. That way the author will feel happy and can continue working together to build a successful blog.

5. Avoid SPAM comments

Indeed, commenting on other people’s blogs is one way to find backlinks.
The term for this name is blogwalking.

Even though this is very important for the blog’s progress in gaining organic traffic from search engines, it doesn’t mean that you make comments that tend to be spam.
Spam comments are a type of comment that has no quality on search engines.

Among the spam comments are “Nice post”, “Thank you, bro”, “Your article is very helpful, bro”, “Your review is really smart, bro”.
And so forth.

This type of comment includes comments that can be applied to all types of blog posts regardless of the topic discussed.
So, this comment does not reflect the material discussed. As a result, there is no further response that can be said except saying “you’re welcome”, “you’re welcome, bro” and so on. If you don’t avoid these negative comments, I’m afraid your blog will be affected by a Google penalty.

6. Use words that are easy to understand

For the purpose of establishing friendships, you cannot post comments with words that are difficult to understand.
Some people may know the meaning of the terms you write. However, should you force other writers and visitors to think twice about what you write? Don’t make things difficult for them! It’s better to use terms that are easy for everyone to understand.

Example: applied becomes implemented, recommended becomes recommended.

However, you can still use words that make them unique and interesting, as long as they are words they already know.
So, don’t stick to the writing pattern when you were at school because that kind of pattern is no longer attractive to internet users.

7. Avoid invitations to visit again

I understand that after leaving a comment, you hope that they will return to the blog that you manage.
Even though it is allowed, I suggest never inviting them openly.

An invitation like this actually means that your blog is still in its early stages or may not be of good quality.
So it requires a direct invitation through writing.

In fact, if you provide good and quality comments, the blog/website owner can be persuaded to visit again.
Even if you can provide an in-depth review, it is not impossible that the blog owner will look forward to your next comments. So, don’t be too active in attacking the blog owner with excessive requests.

In conclusion, perhaps you have understood that providing good comments can only be achieved after reading and understanding the post material.
Even though it takes time, there’s no harm in struggling to read. That way you can provide good and correct comments and maybe even get ideas for the latest articles or return visits from the site owner. 

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  1. Sebenarnya tidak ada aturan baku untuk berkomentar pada sebuah blog atau website. Namun yang penting coba perhatikan komentar Agan apakah kira-kira komentar tersebut bisa diterapkan untuk semua jenis artikel. Jika terindikasi "Ya" maka tandanya komentar tersebut bisa masuk kategori spam. Jadi, hindari komentar seperti "artikelnya bagus, gan", "wah, menarik, gan", dan lain-lain.

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