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7 Sites to Download Free Blog Templates


Jul 20, 2015

It has become a habit that people tend to like something unusual for themselves.
This is a natural thing considering that something new is definitely more unique and interesting. Likewise with the issue of blog templates. A blogger will definitely feel dissatisfied with the standard/default display. For this reason, they will look for a fresher and more seductive appearance.

This fact is properly utilized by those who have web design skills. So various sites have developed that contain collections of blog templates. Of these various sites, there are those that pay to download and use them, but there are also those that make them free for the public.

Of course, of these 2 options, some bloggers will choose the one that is free to download and use. The main reason is that they can save costs for creating their website. This is a wise choice for people who are just starting a blog.

There are several sites that provide free blog templates on the internet. On this site, you can choose whichever appearance best suits the blog you are building. Some of these sites include:

1.  B Templates Is a site that provides various template variants for blogs. There are more than 4400 blog templates that you can download. Various features are available, namely ads ready, post thumbnails, dropdown menu, tabs, slideshow, footer columns, and social. 2.  Bloggertemplatefree Available in various categories ranging from 1 column to 3 columns. Available for Adsense, online stores, affiliates and others. You can get a magazine or elegant look here and many others. 3.  ZoomTemplate Provides page number, SEO ready, slideshow, bookmark ready, ads ready and custom navbar features. Various column variants from 1 column to 4 columns exist with right or left sidebar variants or both.

4.  Eblogtemplates 5.  Blogcrowds 6.  Ourblogtemplates 7.  Evo Templates

On this site I use the brosense template because it is simple and loads fast.

These are some websites that provide free templates. Actually there are others, but if most of the downloadable templates mentioned are mentioned, I’m afraid you will be overloaded and confused about choosing a good blog template for your blog and will end up not focusing on building your blog.
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