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7 Reasons When You’re Lazy About Updating Articles


Feb 28, 2016

It has become a priority for bloggers that to build a good blog, updating articles is very important.
However, this is certainly not an easy job, especially if you are still a beginner blogger. It takes passion and strong determination to consistently write articles. Apart from that, the ability to write articles is sometimes an obstacle for this. So it’s not surprising that this makes some bloggers lazy.

Maybe you have a target of 1000 blog visitors a day within 3 months. However, the target remains the target. The results obtained after writing articles for 3 months only yielded dozens of visitors. So it’s not surprising that some bloggers are lazy about updating articles.

How not to write quality articles is not as easy to say. In fact, many beginner bloggers do not have basic knowledge about the world of writing. This is the reason why writing articles becomes very difficult so that article updates are a little slow.

7 Reasons When You're Lazy About Updating Articles

The reason for being lazy about updating articles

1. Lack of inspiration to write

Talking about inspiration for writing articles, this is closely related to the knowledge and experience you have.
For some people who are familiar with writing, of course this is easy to find a solution for. However, unlike beginner bloggers, writing inspiration is sometimes a thick fortress that is difficult to penetrate.

How not to write articles for them is like a vast labyrinth room. full of winding roads and sometimes even dead ends. On the other hand, the map to reach the finish line is difficult to understand, making it easy to get lost and not know the way out.

Inspiration often gets stuck making it difficult for the mind to explore creative ideas. The only thing that can be imagined is the feeling of fear that the reader’s response will be very bad and that harsh comments will appear from him. Therefore, they are lazy about updating articles regularly because they are too careful. However, you don’t need to worry because every work that is born has its own advantages. For writing inspiration, try reading 9 sources of inspiration for writing articles that will refresh your mind

2. Tired of writing

For a novice writer, there is nothing more encouraging than readers’ responses to comments.
With this, you feel satisfied and proud because your writing has been well received by many groups.

Therefore, if you write an article and then it is difficult to get a response from readers then that is a little disappointing. How could you not take the trouble to write a quality article of more than 400-1000 words, but the reader’s response never comes. This is one of the reasons why you are starting to get bored of writing articles. As a result, article updates will not occur because boredom from writing haunts you.

3. Despair and decreased enthusiasm

One of the main goals of writing blog articles is to get lots of visitors.
This way the possibility of monetizing it into a money-making one will be easier. Apart from that, the potential for money to be earned is also getting bigger and more abundant. However, you actually don’t need to be afraid because this has also been experienced by most successful bloggers. The most important thing is that you find out what SEO is, how to build backlinks correctly from successful bloggers. That way you won’t be lazy about updating articles anymore.

Unfortunately, for some beginner bloggers, this is difficult to achieve. How little knowledge about SEO and building backlinks often becomes an obstacle. As a result, even though the articles written have reached hundreds of visitors, they are still numbering in the tens or even dozens. Of course, this gradually makes them despair and reduces their enthusiasm to build a better blog.

4. Dislikes the target

In this case, it usually happens because the blog is built just to entertain yourself or just fill your free time.
The writings presented are only written about personal experiences. So there is no target that the blog can generate so many visitors a day. Or the blog’s target must be to make money within a certain period of months.

Therefore, it is not surprising that their article updates can be several weeks or even months apart.

5. Busy schedule

For some bloggers, having more than one blog is normal, especially if the blogger participates in the Google Adsense program.
One thing is certain that blogs that have the potential to make money have more variety.

Related to this, of course there are productive blogs and less productive blogs. For productive blogs, article updates are of course a priority, whereas for less productive blogs, article updates usually take longer to update. This is what gives the impression of being lazy to update articles on blogs that are less productive.

6. Have another job

Thinking about a hobby, blogging can also be said to be a good job.
But here what I mean by other jobs is that the person’s tendency to change is due to the money-making program they are following.

For some people, consistently writing is not easy. This often contradicts the results achieved. That’s why bloggers often switch jobs that make money less quickly. You can become an employee, factory worker, or open an online shop. What is clear is that they do this to earn a living so updating articles becomes lazy for a while.

7. Troublesome writing blocks

Basically, article updates will occur after you have finished writing the article.
But what happens if many writing obstacles arise. One of the most dangerous things is not being confident in writing articles. Apart from that, the quality of the articles written is sometimes the trigger. Therefore, it is important for you to recognize
the deadly writer’s block .

Maybe you have had doubts or doubts about what you wrote. So even though you have been writing for a long time, you still feel anxious if the reader’s response is not pleasant. This happens because professional writers have a shallow perspective on writing, which can result in them being weak to compete with them .
In conclusion, although there are no restrictions regarding article updates. However, this should still be a concern for you. The issue of making money from a slightly complicated blog is not a problem. The most important thing is to keep updating articles according to your abilities and be sure that your blog can attract lots of visitors and lots of good responses. That way, your plan to create a blog that makes money is getting closer. 

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