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7 Reasons to Choose a Blogger Platform for Blogging


Jun 19, 2015

Nowadays, there are more and more blog platforms to choose from.
More than 10 platforms that can be used for blogging. The large number of platform choices makes competition increasingly fierce on the internet. They also started offering superior features to attract people to use their blog platform

That’s why people have different reasons for choosing blog platforms.
I prefer the Blogger platform for the blog that I build. Bloggers have their own advantages and conveniences for blogging. Of the many platforms available, including WordPress, Tumbr, Blogdetik and others, why choose Blogger as a medium for writing blogs?

This question often arises as to why Blogger is so special as a blogging medium.

7 Reasons to Choose a Blogger Platform for Blogging

 Among the 7 reasons I prefer the Blogger platform

1. It is a free blog platform

If people who are just starting a blog are asked to choose a paid or free platform, they will of course prefer the free one.
Likewise with Blogger, almost all blog features are available for free because they belong to Google.Inc. When you create a Google account directly all Google services are included from Email, Blogger and others.

Therefore, using Blogger does not require any costs or is free.
For beginner bloggers, the Blogger platform is very suitable for developing their blogging skills.

2. Ease of Use

You don’t need to be proficient in HTML coding to be able to have a new blog.
Blogger is quite easy to use for lay people who don’t know blogs. Its simple appearance means that users are not confused about being creative because on Blogger you can design your own blog again without HTML code. Getting creative with HTML is also available.

3.  SEO Friendly

Because Blogger is an official Google service, of course Blogger is designed to be SEO friendly on the Google search engine.
Even though some say WordPress is superior because it is supported by various SEO plugin installations, on Blogger you can also maximize your blog’s SEO. Google has officially released a Blogger SEO guide ebook that you can download on the internet.

4. Java Script Widget available

With JavaScript you can display social media widgets for Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
Likewise, you can display related posts, post comments, advertisements, hours or anything else using Java script.

5. Varied Blog Templates

The general appearance of Blogger is still relatively simple, but you can make it more attractive and cool through other blog templates.
There are many templates available on the internet that support Blogger’s appearance to be more varied and innovative.

6. Errors rarely occur and are relatively safe

 You don’t have to be afraid because you will run out of bandwidth when your blog visitors reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors because of unlimited bandwidth. And you won’t be charged extra fees because the number of visitors is hundreds of thousands.

7. Media Looking for Extra Money

Blogger, even though it’s free, can actually be used as a
way to make money from blogs . There are many programs available that support Blogger that you can use. You can follow Google Adsense , or the best Indonesian Local PPC by becoming a publisher.

Bloggers can also take part in affiliate marketer programs to make extra money.
The blog already exists, just choose a money-making program that is suitable for you. 

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