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7 Mistakes When Choosing a Domain Name That Can Make It Difficult for Your Blog to Be Popular


Dec 24, 2017

Talking about blogs or websites, choosing the right domain name is the first necessity. How could it not be, when you create a blog, website or online shop, the domain name is the easiest to remember. Therefore, don’t be careless in choosing a domain name for your brand on the internet.

Indeed, there are no restrictions or binding rules when you want to choose a domain name.
However, you can be sure that if you make a mistake in this case, it is very likely that your blog or website will find it difficult to become popular. Especially if the content in it cannot cover the shortcomings of the weak brand. As a result, it is clear that the potential for your authority is difficult to realize.

That’s why don’t be careless in choosing a domain name, especially if you have medium or long term goals for an online business.
At least you also have to consider the various possibilities that could occur if you make a mistake regarding the domain name.

7 Mistakes When Choosing a Domain Name that Can Make Your Blog Difficult to Popular

Horrible mistakes when choosing a domain name

1. Don’t just choose a Top Level Domain (TLD) EXTENSION

In fact, there are many extensions for a Top Level Domain (paid domain), but it should be noted that there are not many extensions that are easy for internet users to remember.
Among the TLD domains there are “.Com”, “.Net”, “Info”, “.Org”, “.Web.Id”, “.Id”, “.My.Id”, “.Edu”, “.Xyz ”, “.Co.Id”, etc. Which of course is a lot if it continues.

Regarding this, think about it, if you choose a domain name that is not familiar to internet users, then they could type a domain name that does not lead to your website link.
If so, what?

So, before it’s too late, you should think carefully about a domain name that is truly recognized by internet users.
In this case the domain name “.Com” is the most recognized domain name in the online world. At least around 30% of internet users are familiar with this name. Next there is “.Net” which is quite popular. Apart from that, it is still not well known or well known, but it is still vague to people’s ears.

However, choosing a domain name can also depend on your goals for creating a website.
If you are creating a website in the education sector (for schools) then the suitable TLP extension is “Edu”. For organizations or communities it can be “.Org” or “.Or.Id”. Don’t choose the wrong one because they all have different magnetic powers in attracting potential visitors.

2. Make it LONG (More than 2 Words)

One of the purposes of naming a domain is to be easily recognized.
It’s a fatal mistake if you create a website or blog with a domain name of more than 2 words.

Your goal is good so that there is nothing like it, or in other words, to make it even more unique.
However, it is not the right choice if for this problem you create a very long domain name. Having a long name does look unique, but in the blink of an eye you make it difficult for readers or visitors to remember because they quickly get bored reading long domain names.

Try looking at various websites that already have big brands.
So you won’t find it unless it only consists of 1 word or 2 words. Look at Samsung, Yamaha, BukaLapak, TokoPedia, Lazada, Toshiba, FaceBook, or Microsoft. Make sure that they understand the reader’s psychology when they hear the name. Therefore, follow their method in naming a domain name that is short and easy to recognize.

3. Tends to be SIMILAR to other websites that have big brands

Even though I said follow the big brand’s method in choosing a domain name, that doesn’t mean you choose a domain name that is similar to a popular brand.
Case example: you have the name Sonyanto and there is a big brand, say Sony, then don’t use the Sony name for your website such as “DuniaSony.com”, “HaloSony.net” etc.

Apart from that, it is difficult to show your quality authority, it also makes it possible for your website to get into serious problems.
When big brands find out about your website which has a similar domain name and has the potential to win over their potential visitors. So, don’t be surprised if you suddenly get a summons (warning letter) from that brand. What would be worse if they took this to the realm of law and they demanded compensation. If the numbers get too big, it’s scary. Right?

4. Insert CHARACTERS other than letters

Never irritate or annoy your website readers with your domain name.
What’s the story?? Can it really happen??

One of the biggest mistakes in choosing a domain name is inserting characters (such as hyphens or numbers) into the name.
It’s difficult to remember domain names like the following example.

a) Pernak-pernik Perempuan.com

b) Tokobaju93.com

c) Wisata_pantai.com

d) Duniabeni97.com

e) Surga-dunia.net

Just imagine!
Isn’t that difficult?

Even though you only insert one character, you are essentially adding additional pronunciation when reading it.
So, you could say that a website domain name consists of 2 words then added with 1 character. So the practice consists of 3 words. What if you add more than 1 character? It’s definitely harder to remember. Even repeating it will irritate you.


Basically, the world of the internet is vast with various topics discussed in it.
Choosing a domain name that is too broad will not make your website easy to recognize in a particular field. Especially if you are just starting from scratch, avoid the mistake of assuming generally what is discussed on your website.

For example, if you want to create a website in the culinary sector then narrow down what culinary you are talking about, whether it is meatballs, soto, satay, or other culinary delights.
If it’s in the household equipment sector, narrow down what you want to focus on, whether it’s cupboards, cooking utensils, stoves, or something else.

If you are clear and want to create a website then enter the name into the domain name.
If you already have a shop name as a brand, combine it into one part of the domain name. That way visitors can know from the start what your website is talking about. So that when they enter your site they already have clear instructions.

6. Not considering the pronunciation or pronunciation of the domain 

To make your website famous, choosing a brand name is very important.
Brand names that are short and easy to read tend to be easily remembered by many people.

However, avoid using brand names as domain names without paying attention to the pronunciation or pronunciation of many people.
In some cases the vowel letter “E” has 2 different pronunciations. Example words: “Kretek” and “Kretek”. If you say it, the pronunciation of the letter “E” between these two letters is different. One word contains the meaning of tobacco while the other word contains the meaning of bridge (in Javanese).

Make sure you create a domain name that is not ambiguous as above.
If that happens, don’t expect other people to find the error easily. The worst consequence is that they no longer want to open your website because they feel “Stupid”. Maybe, right?

7. Domain name has NEVER been used, but is available

There is indeed a difference when you choose a domain name that has not been used and one that has been used.
Domain names that have been used but are still available usually already have backlinks. This backlink is very profitable for achieving a good position on the internet.

However, it should be noted because there is also the potential that the domain name is no longer used due to problems with Google or other parties who report it.
From here it is clear that there is a loss if you use it as a new domain name for your site brand. However, it cannot be denied that there are also advantages.

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As for domain names that have not been used, it requires you to build a brand from scratch.
However, don’t worry because this step is safer than taking a brand that has a previous or bad reputation. As long as you work hard and work smart, your brand reputation will easily become known.

In conclusion, regardless of your desire to enter the online world or the internet for what purpose.
But what is clear is to consider every consequence that could arise after you choose a domain name. If you make the fatal mistakes above then don’t be surprised if your website or site is not running on the best path to become popular quickly.


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