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7 Importance of Having an Online Store Website for Online Sellers


Sep 30, 2019

Talking about online sales, maybe you are an online seller who already uses marketplace platforms such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee or Lazada. Or are you an online seller who also sells via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc. If this is the case, maybe you don’t need your own online shop website.

In fact, as an online seller, the most reasonable demand is to produce regular sales with large profits.
True, or not?

The problem is that if you sell on the marketplace, the chances of each product making a big profit are very small.
There is increasing competition from sellers and they tend to feel that they will not sell well if they sell expensively, which is one of the factors. Apart from that, the similarity of product images can also be another cause of not attracting potential buyers to immediately glance at your sales.

Referring to this, some have turned to social media to sell.
Some sellers choose Facebook as a place to sell. Others choose Instagram for selling. Others choose Twitter for selling.

Facebook was chosen because many Indonesians have Facebook accounts.
So there is a big possibility that sales can be sold there. There are those who rely on free Facebook, there are also those who step on the gas using Facebook Ads. Many people do it using free Facebook (Facebook Fanpage) even though the results are not good.

Meanwhile, the Facebook Ads method does have a slight impact because it can target more precise targets.

If you don’t want to spend on Facebook advertising, selling on Instagram could be another alternative.
Why is that? Because most Instagram account owners have the attraction to buy products based on product photos or promotional videos. As for selling on Twitter, I don’t really understand because I’m not active there.

Taking a deeper look at selling on Facebook using the advertising method, it turns out that many people lose money because hard selling ads are too brutal, whereas online shop websites don’t have them.
Sometimes that happens to those selling on Instagram. Because they don’t have an online shop website, the impression of potential buyers making transactions feels less convincing.

Online Shop Website Creation Services

From here we should realize the importance of having an online shop website for selling.
There are at least several reasons why it is highly recommended to have your own online shop website for selling on the internet:

Reasons to Have an Online Store Website

1. Increase business credibility

Basically, it is very difficult for a potential buyer to transact online because they are afraid of being cheated.
So even though there are several product offerings that are exactly the same, but one has an online shop website while the other only relies on WhatsApp chat, there is a big possibility that potential buyers will choose a seller who has an online shop website.

Not to be scary, but the price of a buyer’s trust is very important.
So it’s not surprising that the cost of redeeming the benefits is expensive.

If you don’t have an online store then the hard work of building the trust of potential buyers is doubled.
How could it not be, you who should only receive questions about the product in order to be able to close, have to work hard to answer questions which are sometimes a dilemma, the answer is that it has nothing to do with the product or delivery but if you don’t answer the question, the prospective buyer will ask and the risk will definitely fail to close.

If you have an online shop then half of your shop’s credibility is already resolved.

2. Easy to Access Every Day

Just imagine if you sell by relying on Facebook Ads without a website, potential buyers will only see your offer briefly/once and they will most likely not find it again.
Even if you can find them, you have to go through the trouble of clicking here and there before actually finding them. Meanwhile, people’s habits don’t like being sold to, so the possibility of buying after seeing the ad once is impossible.

If you have an online shop and if they are interested in reviewing or buying directly, just visit the website address.
Because what is easy for buyers to memorize is not the number they can contact, but the website they can visit.

The existence of an online shop website that can be accessed 24 hours a day will more or less make it easier for potential buyers to think more calmly and comfortably before making contact messages.
This kind of convenience is what buyers expect so that they don’t feel forced to immediately contact the seller and buy straight away.

3. Can reach a wider target market

If you sell offline, the target market you can reach is people whose homes are close to your physical shop.
Even then, sometimes new problems arise because not everyone who is close to you will definitely buy your product. Moreover, if there are similar products that other people are selling, the competition will be even tighter, even though the offline target market tends to be stagnant or not change much.

It’s different if you have an online shop website, then the target market is global throughout Indonesia.
It even makes it possible to reach internet users in other countries even though language barriers are another problem.

Seeing this reality, you can imagine how many potential potential buyers you have if measured from Sabang to Merauke with a population with internet access of more than 100 million people.

4. Easy to Update Products

For offline stores, updating products such as prices or discounts is something that is difficult to do.
I say that because it takes quite a long time to prepare this. In fact, it is not uncommon to need additional energy to do it.

This is a different case if you have an online shop website.
When you want a product to change its price, it only takes a few minutes and the product price has changed. Likewise, if you want a discount on a certain product, it only takes a few minutes and the amount of the discount is a percentage (%) to complete.

Even if you want to add a new product, just post the new product and your online shop will automatically display the product.

5. Free to determine profits

Selling products with high profits in marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak or Lazada feels impossible considering the many competitors competing to attract potential buyers at low prices.
So it is not surprising that most sellers in the marketplace only make a small profit from each product they sell.

The joy of this situation does not apply to those of you who have your own online shop.
You are free to take more profit than other sellers as long as it is still within a reasonable level, for example 30%, 40% or 50%.

6. Website Domain Name is your Online Store Brand

How much influence does a domain name have on an online store brand?

Answering this becomes interesting.
In fact, if you pay attention to well-known brand names such as Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, etc. Then you will see the brand used as the website domain name. It’s not a coincidence that they did it, but they really thought hard about making their brand and online store short, simple and easy to remember.

If you decide that you want to have an online shop website, you should think hard so that the name of your online shop will be closer to the success of the world class online shops above.
There are still many choices and there’s no harm in starting to think about them now.

7. Full Control of Your Online Store Site

Selling on the marketplace can sometimes make sellers annoyed and irritated.
I’m tired of trying to upload a product, but it turns out the product doesn’t match the category or display case, so it fails. Or after the product has been uploaded and does not comply with the provisions of the marketplace and the product ends up being easily blocked.

Meanwhile, if you post on your own online shop website, such an incident will not happen.
Your products will still appear and can be seen by visitors to your website. Even if there is a problem, you can make repairs immediately without waiting for anyone.

Considering the importance of having an online shop website for selling, you should start reducing your dependence on the marketplace or social media.
The best thing is that you can combine an online shop with a marketplace and social media.

It’s not impossible because you can connect potential visitors to your online shop to shop via Whatsapp, or through marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak or Lazada.

Below is one of the displays of an online shop with Blogger Unlimited hosting that you can choose to start an online business.

===== Online Shop Screenshot Image=====

The advantages are

1. Blogger based so no need to rent hosting or renew hosting every year

2. Only need to renew Paid Domain (Optional)

3. There is a promotional pop up feature

4. There is a slider banner feature

5. Easy to place orders via Whatsapp

6. Order payments can be made by bank Transfer or Paypal

7. There are links to marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada and Elevenia

8. Cool product appearance quality, almost like a Premium WordPress Theme

9. Product price posts can be given a % discount (for example 30%) and the price will also be crossed out follows automatically.

The best news is that you can have an online shop website like the one above by clicking
https://pesan.link/jasabuatwebsitetokoonline or Whatsapp to 0897-9118-578 to ask for details.

However, before you contact me, first get to know the benefits I offer below.

5 BENEFITS that you will get if you order an online shop website like the one above:

1. Free .com domain for a year (prepare your online shop domain name)

2. I will help you post products for free up to max.
50 products (you prepare product details)

3. I’ll make a simple online shop logo for free (choose 1 of 3 options)

4. I’ll help you create a new slider image for free

5. I’ll help you create 7 Label or Category images for free that appear on the layer

Apart from benefits Above there is still
a BONUS that I have prepared for you

1. Promotion Instagram Banners Ads 337psd

2. EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE Fb Ads, IG Banner, and IG Story

3. PLR Blog Money

So, what do you think, which is more powerful selling without a website or selling with an online shop website? 

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