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7 Golden Potentials of Blogs for the Young Generation who Love Creativity


Dec 28, 2017

How do you feel when you see one activity, but it produces lots of profits? Surprised, happy or what?

As for me, I can only say, “Wow, amazing”.

That is the blog which has now become a field for unleashing all the potential within a person.
Regardless of the name, whether blog or website or site, what is clear is that the term is not that important. However, the words “Blog, Blogging, Blogging” are mentioned more often by internet users who are becoming bloggers.

Considering the huge potential of a blog, it seems strange if you don’t have a blog or website yet.
Not to demean your activities, but many people with various activities they carry out apparently have blogs, even if only 1. If you don’t have a blog yet, create one immediately so that you don’t fall far behind other young generations who have already produced a lot of work.

7 Golden Potentials of Blogs for the Young Generation

The potential of blogs for the younger generation who love creativity

1. Become a great writer

Basically, most of the content in blogs is filled with writing.
Therefore, it is not surprising that blogs that have been maintained for a long time have a greater number of articles.

Seeing this is certainly a golden opportunity if you want to use blog media as a place to write.
In this case, you are free to write whatever you want to write, whether it be personal experiences, other people’s experiences, sharing knowledge, or just writing news.

These activities that lead you to become a writer will gradually increase your ability to produce interesting writing.
The more you write on your blog, the closer the potential for producing written work becomes. This can be proven from initially just writing on a blog and then ending up producing work in the form of a book or ebook. Ibi also happens to some writers in Indonesia such as Ahmad Rifa’i Rif’an. So do you want to be next?

2. Become everyone’s teacher

When you write on a blog and share knowledge or useful information, you are indirectly taking on the role of a teacher/educator.
In reality, a teacher is a person who teaches at a school, campus or Islamic boarding school. However, if you look at the true task of a teacher is to educate other people, a blogger is also worthy of the title “teacher”.

Even if your writing is able to provide a solution for readers then there is no doubt that you can be a good advisor.
The good news is that you can become a teacher for teenagers and adults depending on what articles you share on the blog.

Therefore, don’t be the younger generation who feels that being a student or student is enough.
You can also play a real role in helping other people’s difficulties and solving their problems. Couldn’t this be a field of reward for the afterlife?

3. Hone your design talent

The longer you become a blogger, the more you will inevitably learn design.
The design skills I mean are tinkering with blog templates/themes. However, as a blog owner, you certainly want a blog that is more pleasing to look at. So it’s not surprising if you can master your template design skills a little. This is also what template designs like Ms. Arlina Fitriyani, Kang Ismet, Mas Sugeng, etc.

Besides that, there is still potential for graphic design or images/photos.
When writing on a blog, it’s not just the writing that you have to pay attention to. Even images or photos must be paid attention to because this also attracts visitors to read.

Referring to this, you will definitely look for ways, tricks or techniques to make the images/photos you display on your blog more attractive.
It is from this anxiety that you will learn graphic design. There are many tools that you can use for graphic design such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, Canva, etc.

4. Increase insight and knowledge

Becoming a blogger means you have to present writing that can be accounted for.
Sharing experiences is fine, but it’s better if you are able to write something related to today’s problems. So the potential for it to be read by many people is higher.

To pursue these demands, you must also diligently read and listen to the news.
That way, what you write is still fresh and still relevant to know.

This situation allows you to find as much information as possible and then put it into a blog post.
The more you want to increase the number of articles on your blog, the more consequences you will have in adding insight and knowledge related to it.

5. Have lots of friends

For those who have been involved in the blogging world for a long time, it is very likely that they have many friends.
How could it not be, they often interact with other bloggers, whether through blog comments, sending emails or question and answer forums.

It’s not without reason that they do this because they also want friends to discuss with.
However, blogging is a tiring activity if done alone. That’s why they anticipate this by looking for lots of friends. Especially if they find friends who are really of the same mind as wanting to develop a blog. So you can be sure that the intensity of their interactions will become more frequent.

6. Avoid negative things

When many parents are worried because their children’s activities sometimes cannot be controlled.
Blogging activities are reassuring good news. This is clearly visible because most blogger activities are at home (room). Moreover, a blogger is often busy with writing, creating attractive designs, being active in question and answer forums, etc.

The negative activities of a young person often make parents feel sad and confused.
Of course, what parent wants to see their child become a delinquent whose job is only to cause trouble to other people.

If you love your parents then try to eliminate their negative feelings towards you.
How to?

Create a blog and manage it well.
Be diligent in posting articles on your blog and continue to hone your writing skills. Who knows, this way you will be closer to success at a young age. Want to?

7. Promises abundant income

Don’t just make your blog a learning field.
Also make your blog a medium for making money online.

In this “Now” era, you have to be able to see blogs as online money-making machines.
Most people who are involved in the world of the internet are familiar with what is called online business. Improve your blog which is just sharing into a place to make money.

There are various money-making programs that can be implemented on blogs such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Online Shops, Advertising Services, etc.
Blogs can even be used to sell products with a pre-order system.

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There have been many successful bloggers making lots of money from their personal blogs.
You too can reach their level of success if you want. So, what are your targets for the future?

In conclusion, apart from the various potentials that can be explored from blogging activities.
In fact, what is more important is that your mindset increases in viewing a challenge from the perspective of its benefits. That way you can think positively when looking at the future in order to realize success. Agree?


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