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7 Effective Tips on How to Deal with Increasingly Tighter Website or Blog Competition


Dec 25, 2017

It is common knowledge that the internet has become a place for writers to become known to many people. Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays many writers, both experienced and new writers, are flocking to create personal blogs. Of course, this is good news because they are aware of always sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Unfortunately, the increasingly widespread development of blogs has resulted in increasingly fierce competition for their managers.
This can be seen from the increasing number of personal blogs. Some of them even have more than 10 blogs. However, this is actually a challenge of the times which is a consequence. From here you can see which blogs are well managed and which are not.


Apart from this, how do you actually face this increasingly fierce blog competition?
A simple question, but requires an intelligent answer. Then let’s get started!

7 Effective Tips on How to Deal with Increasingly Tighter Website or Blog Competition

Tips for managing a blog so it can compete on the internet

1. Consistently write articles

Whoever you are, never take the issue of updating blog articles lightly.
This task is very important to do regularly. If your blog is still relatively new then try to update articles every day. This is important to keep the blog growing in the right direction.

It is a mistake if you think that after creating a blog and writing several article posts you can rest.
There are many bloggers out there who are overtaking each other to increase the number of posts on their blogs. This is even done by blogs that can be said to be well established in terms of income or number of visitors.

Referring to this, there are no other words other than you have to fight and work hard to increase the number of blog posts.
I’m tired, but try to think further ahead. Imagine if you only update articles occasionally, then it is very likely that your blog will find it very difficult to be able to compete amidst the large and varied content of articles.

2. Easily adapt to search engine algorithms

Basically, what you do on your blog must be in line with the search engine’s own policies.
Refers to the rules and regulations that they implement. In this way, your blog will still be “loved” by search engines like Google and get a good position.

So continue to hone your knowledge about the latest Google algorithms.
Find out what advanced SEO techniques are, what they refer to and how to deal with them. Therefore, you must continue to develop and must not be complacent with your current achievements. If you are careless then you will lose in this tight and challenging blog competition.

3. Following trends in blog access via the internet

In the past, perhaps accessing blogs from a computer or desktop display was a reference that was touted.
But now the changes are starting to happen. Internet users are increasingly pampered by the proliferation of smartphones at relatively cheap prices. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are more successful in accessing the internet with their mobile displays.

This is a development that cannot be denied.
So, if you want to create a blog, the display reference for your blog must be pleasing to the eye with a mobile friendly and desktop (computer/laptop) display. There are many sites that offer mobile friendly blog templates/themes. You can search for it yourself, from free to paid.

4. Upgrade the quality of blog articles

To be able to compete with blogs that have high popularity, you also have to make improvements.
This means that you have to strive to present articles that are of higher quality than your previous articles. This demand is a real necessity so that your blog does not lose out to the competition.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to think about this so complicatedly that you become dizzy yourself.

In fact, when you write a lot, the longer your ability to produce articles will be better and of better quality.
However, don’t rely too much on this method because your abilities will only develop slowly. You need additional methods so that your writing skills develop quickly. So what’s the method?

Yup, often read “best seller” books, quality articles or other reading sources so that you understand their techniques in attracting their readers.
It takes a process and time, but if you are patient your path will get easier.

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5. Update old, irrelevant articles

In some cases, articles that you have published on your blog a long time ago may no longer be relevant to current conditions.
Therefore you have to update it.

Articles that are no longer relevant are usually difficult to attract potential visitors.
Especially if it’s talking about tutorials. In fact, the appearance of a site changes over a certain period of time. Therefore, if you create a tutorial article and the appearance is no longer the same, it is likely that visitors will immediately close it even if they haven’t had time to read it.

Referring to the above, rewriting old articles can reduce visitors’ “hatred” towards the blog.
Apart from that, it is an alternative to increase the number of articles you blog. So, it’s not a waste of work either.

6. Learn writing techniques based on the first page of search engines

It is good news when you are able to write articles and get on the first page of search engines.
This means you can be said to be great in certain cases.

Seeing this, you should study the advantages of this article and try to apply them to the next article.
However, there must be a formula so that it can appear on the first page of search engines. This method is considered effective for measuring your level of skill in quality writing.

If you don’t have an article like this, try studying other people’s articles that are already popular.
Observe, imitate and modify the techniques they apply in writing. Of course it’s not as easy as saying it. However, if you succeed in finding the key, there is a big possibility that your blog can compete with these blogs.

7. Write articles with more words

If you often write articles with a limited number of words (300 to 1000 words) then start writing longer articles.
In fact, the articles that people share the most on social media are articles over 2000 words. Of course, because it is considered that the discussion is quite detailed. If you previously focused on short articles, then start writing longer articles.

I realize that it’s not as easy as saying it.
However, if you are successful in writing long articles, there is a big chance that your article will enter the first page of search engines.

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In conclusion, apart from the 7 methods above, maybe you still have other methods that I didn’t include.
Therefore, if you find another effective way to face increasingly fierce blog competition, please continue in the comments column. Even so, I think what I mentioned above has become a definite requirement to win blog competition on search engines like Google.


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