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7 Chronic Causes of Blogs Lacking Visitors and How to Overcome Them Effectively


Jan 23, 2017

How do you feel when you see thousands of visitors per day?
It cannot be denied that this is exciting news. How could it not be that when a blogger creates a blog the target is to get an abundant number of visitors. For this reason, blogs are easy to monetize and make a lot of money. Apart from that, personal branding will be formed so that it is easy to gain the trust of many people.

However, problems arose because blog visitors did not increase. Even in some months visitors can only be counted on the fingers of one hand. Of course, this is a psychological burden for a blogger because his hard work has not been paid off.

If there are few visitors because the blog is still new, it may be natural because it takes time for search engines to recognize it before determining its quality. So it is not surprising that new blogs find it difficult to occupy the first page of the Google search engine.

But what if your blog is old, but the number of visitors has not increased. This is what sometimes makes you lazy about developing your blog again.

7 Chronic Causes of Blogs Lacking Visitors and How to Overcome Them Effectively

Reasons why blogs lack visitors and how to overcome them

1. Number of posts

To attract visitors, of course you need a magnet as an attraction.
This condition also applies to the blog you own. If you don’t have a magnet in the form of an article then visitors won’t be interested.

Articles are the lifeblood of a blog. The more articles there are, the more complete and detailed the discussion space will be. Meanwhile, blogs that only have a few articles tend to provide articles in pieces. So when you finish reading it you still have to open other blogs as complementary information. This is what causes visitors to feel there is no reason to return anytime soon.

Therefore, continue to update your blog by regularly posting articles. The more articles you present, the more attractive it will be.

Visitors really like blogs that provide a variety of relevant information in one visit. To make this easier, you must have lots of writing ideas and inspiration. So you don’t have trouble posting the next article.

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2. Article quality

When your blog only contains a few articles, for example 10.
So the benchmark for the discussion is still limited so it cannot fulfill the readers’ wishes. It’s still good if the 10 articles are of high quality with a word count of more than 2000.

But what happens if your articles only have an average of 400-500 words. Of course, it is not easy to compete with other blog articles with a higher number of words. Remember, in reality articles that occupy the first page of search engines usually have a word count of more than 700. So, don’t hesitate to write longer articles so that your blog gets lots of visitors.

One of the characteristics of a quality article is that it has a clear and uncomplicated discussion structure to increase the number of words. Articles that Google likes must also apply correct SEO techniques. This means not always using repetition of the keywords that will be targeted in each paragraph. This gives the impression of being unnatural and confusing to understand. Articles should use semantic techniques by involving keyword synonyms or having keyword relevance.

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3. Blog ranking

Even if you are able to write quality articles, this doesn’t actually guarantee that your blog will get lots of visitors.
The problem arises because blog rankings affect the credibility of the blog. If your blog has a low ranking then the chances of getting visitors are still difficult.

However, don’t be too discouraged when reading this. Apart from this fact, you need to know that the more quality articles you publish, the better it will be for your blog’s ranking. It may take several months to get top ranking. However, by paying attention to the results of your hard work, I am sure that search engines will give your blog a good ranking.

4. SEO on page blog

There are various things that influence the ranking of your articles on search engines, one of which is SEO.
Regardless of the keywords you are targeting and the number of words you can write, you still need on-page blog SEO. This SEO includes optimizing blog templates, permalinks and meta descriptions.

Optimizing blog templates may still be difficult for you. However, there is a practical way, namely buying a premium or paid template. There are various types of premium templates on the internet, you can search for them yourself. Meanwhile, the permalink problem concerns post page links that appear on search engines.

Example of a permalink http://www.sinarblogging.net/2015/10/cara-mudah-belajar-menulis-article.html

The permalink above is “ cara-mudah-belajar-menulis-article”. A good permalink is a permalink that involves the keyword you are targeting. If this permalink does not include keywords, there is little hope of your blog post page getting a good position in search engines.

As for meta description, it is an SEO technique that explains a short description of the blog post page. The description also involves the targeted keywords, only there are additional relevant or derivative keywords so that they are more informative for potential readers. The meta description will usually appear at the bottom of the post page on search engines. So, create a unique and interesting meta description so that it can attract visitors.

5. Blog display

For this one, it seems like it is common knowledge that appearance can attract readers’ desire to visit.
Therefore, blog owners often tinker with the appearance so that the blog looks more unique and fun.

However, what are the benchmarks for a good blog appearance?

Some bloggers, because they want to look different, often make big mistakes, namely designing their appearance without consideration. As a result, when people visit they quickly close the page. How can the blog’s appearance not be annoying because it looks crowded and busy due to lots of advertisements? Not to mention the use of striking colors so that readers feel disturbed. Especially if readers have difficulty finding blog navigation so they are confused about what to do. This is what causes visitors to run away even when they haven’t had time to read your post.

However, attracting visitors with a blog appearance is not that complicated. This is proven by many blogs with a simple appearance. But it has a crazy number of visitors. So, before determining the type of blog display, you should check it first. If you yourself feel disturbed by this appearance, it means you should not apply it to your blog.

Apart from that, blog loading is also very important. Slow loading tends to make potential visitors feel bored of waiting. As a result, they choose other blogs that they can access more quickly. Therefore, also pay attention to the widget or plugin you use. Don’t let your efforts only result in disappointment for visitors.

6. Share on social media

When you have posted an article, don’t forget to share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.
Even though this is simple, it has a tremendous impact on attracting visitors. In fact, social media already has hundreds of users throughout the world. So when you communicate with them, you have high hopes of getting lots of visitors.

Indeed, this type of visitor is only temporary because social media users often choose the latest information. However, it would be a mistake if you missed social media as a blog promotion.

7. Backlinks

As a blogger, of course you really hope to get organic traffic as the main engine for bringing in visitors.
Indeed, social media is very effective in getting lots of visitors. But there is nothing better than getting natural visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

To get organic traffic you need backlinks as a driving engine. In this case there is a fundamental difference between only focusing on planting quality backlinks and planting backlinks on various sites.

Indeed, looking for backlinks from various blogs is highly recommended. However, sometimes this method is less effective in boosting the blog’s position in search engines because the quality of the backlinks tends to be low. As a result, it is still difficult for blogs to occupy the first page of search engines. In fact, because of this, your blog might lose its position without realizing it.

The problem is different if you are looking for quality backlinks, even if they are few, because the quality tends to be strong on search engines. Pagerank is a big reference in finding quality backlinks. Try checking backlinks from well-known sites and you will find that most of their backlinks have pagerank.

Apart from that, when looking for backlinks, you should also pay attention to Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). If the DA and PA of the blog are high then in general the site is quality. So without hesitation you can plant backlinks from it.

In conclusion, because blog visitors are very important, there is no reason for you not to be serious about managing your blog. Indeed, visitors will not increase overnight. However, if you know the 7 reasons why blogs lack visitors above, you can overcome them immediately. That way the number of visitors to your blog will increase significantly. 

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