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7 Beginner Blogger Mistakes That Will Make You Forget


Jun 7, 2015

Becoming a successful blogger is the goal of blogging on the internet.
To achieve this success, of course, you have to go through several stages through the knowledge and experience gained. This stage usually happens to beginner bloggers when starting blogging, including me who has experienced it.

The stages of a beginner blogger are mistakes, learning (formation), and professionalism.
Even for professional bloggers, mistakes also occur, especially for beginner bloggers like us. Beginner blogger mistakes are the starting point for becoming a professional blogger.

7 Kesalahan Blogger Pemula yang Membuat Anda Terlupakan

Mistakes are not something that anyone can predict from the start.
Therefore, I want to share my experience regarding beginner blogger mistakes. The goal is clear so as not to experience blogging boredom and laziness due to mistakes in building a blog.

Some mistakes beginner bloggers make include:

1. Mistaken enthusiasm for blogging

All work requires passion to run.
Likewise, blogging requires passion to survive. You should blog because you like it or at least because there is something you are interested in. As for money, it will definitely come easily.

2. Choose an unfamiliar blog topic

The reason for starting a good blog should be in line with the topic you choose.
Some newbie bloggers ignore this because they are tempted that making money from blogging is easy. The reality is that it requires hard work to build it.

Mistakes in choosing a blog topic will result in difficulty in generating fresh ideas because it is not something you are good at.

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3. Not consistently posting content

Content (articles) is a weapon to bring in new visitors and readers.
People will like visiting blogs if they have a fixed posting schedule such as once every day, every 2 days, twice a week and so on. The most important thing is that the blog looks well maintained by its owner by regularly posting content.

4. Use content writing services

Another mistake beginner bloggers make is not wanting to write their own content, but using the services of a content writer.
Blogging and content are related. You are called a blogger because you produce content for readers. Blogging is a good medium for learning writing. Bloggers who start blogging using writing services will one day be stuck copying and pasting content when they run out of money.

5. Easy to change templates

A blogger must choose 1 of the many templates to apply to the blog.
Changing templates will confuse your blog visitors and leave a bad (unprofessional) impression.

Before you start posting content, make sure the template you use is simple and responsive to various search engines.

6. Lots of widgets

Widgets are important for blogs, but don’t use too many of them so that they leave the impression of being busy due to long loading.
Important widgets such as popular posts, labels, search, related posts, social media likes, and others. Meanwhile, widgets that are not important such as clock, calendar, weather, etc.

7. Underestimating blog SEO

Salah satu jurus agar blog bisa tampil dihalaman awal search engine adalah teknik seo. Dengan seo yang jitu akan menjadian blog Anda ramai dikunjungi pembaca. Yang menjadi seo blog biasanya meta content dan meta description Anda bisa memulai dengan itu. Atau Anda bisa membuka ‘open source’ blog populer untuk meniru teknik mereka.

Kesimpulannya, meskipun sebagai blogger pemula sangat wajar jika melakukan kesalahan. Namun bukan berarti anda harus sering melakukannya. Mencoba untuk mencapai kesuksesan sudah seharusnya diikuti dengan peningkatan cara berpikir kreatif dan inovatif sehingga anda dapat berkembang lebih cepat dan efektif. 

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