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6 Ways to Grow Confidence in Writing


Oct 16, 2015

Writing is an effective way to express yourself.
As a writer one can make quite a lot of money. So it’s not surprising that there are lots of sites on the internet that sell article writing services. If you sell quality writing, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars per month.
However, you are actually special so your writing is part of that specialness.
Therefore, you don’t need to worry about spreading your writing. The following things will increase your confidence in writing.

But unfortunately some beginner bloggers have difficulty writing.
It’s not surprising that they don’t have confidence in their own abilities. For example, novice writers often believe that their writing is still not perfect. Apart from that, they also think that the writing is mediocre, there is nothing unique, interesting or informative.

6 Ways to Grow Confidence in Writing

1. Most writers start from zero

When I read writing, essays or other articles I think maybe they were born with extraordinary writing talent.
How could they not be able to produce writing that is interesting, unique and hypnotizing to readers. But it turns out my view was wrong.

In fact, they are good at writing, not because of talent or anything like that.
It is true that not every article will receive a positive response from readers. There are several factors that are the cause, one of which is time. You can prove that even though the article is not currently interesting, after months the article is published again and it becomes popular.

On the other hand, there is a writer who only relies on personal experience.
Apart from that he doesn’t care what he writes. And the most surprising thing is that they don’t know the basics of journalism. But you can see their works. It’s truly phenomenal and has received an extraordinary response from various levels of society.

2. Some writers are great because they studied

It cannot be denied that perfection of writing requires process and time.
When reading writings, essays, or articles from great writers, try to look for their first works. One thing is certain, articles now and then will be very different.

The difference lies in the effectiveness of a paragraph, a neater story line, and a language style that is easier to understand.
Besides that, the writing is more meaningful and unique, not just copy-pasting other people’s sentences.

Paying attention to this fact, we can be sure that they are training hard for this target.
No matter how great your memory is, if you just wallow in trivial matters it will decline. Likewise, writing doesn’t look at talent and IQ. If you continue to hone it, your writing ability will increase drastically.

Easy Ways to Learn to Write Articles for Beginners

3. The writer has imagination and creativity

Don’t think small about writing.
Even if you only write word by word, sentence by sentence, it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. There is a lot of written content that contains great benefits.

With writing, a reader will know how intelligently the author expresses his imagination and creativity.
One proof of this is that the writer is able to express feelings of disappointment, sadness or happiness in his writing. So it is not surprising if there are readers who are sad or happy when reading.

4. Writing is a hobby and job, not unemployment

Even though it’s just writing, it turns out that this activity takes a long time.
A novel writer sometimes takes 1-2 years to complete his work. It may even take them more than 5 hours to produce a 1000-2000 word article. It’s not surprising because writing requires concentration, creativity and imagination.

Maybe some people think that writing is just an unemployed job.
The proof is that they do not have a fixed monthly income.

Writers are not unemployed.
Writing is a time bomb that can explode at any time. For example, a blog/website owner who has produced more than 200 articles can make money easily. Google AdSense is a popular way to make money from the internet. With this program you can quickly earn 100-1000 dollars from the internet.

Apart from that, a novel writer whose work sells 100,000 copies will receive quite large royalties.
That is, if your work is sold through a publisher, then what if you are able to create your own ebook (digital book) and sell it.

5. Great writers have been rejected by publishers

You must already know who Raditya Dika is.
Do you think Raditya Dika’s success is due to coincidence? You are wrong. He offered his work to publishers several times and was often rejected. When one of his works made it to a publisher, there were no buyers, so his mother herself promoted her son’s book.

The way this mother bought 100 books (of course the child didn’t know) then distributed them to the mother’s friends.
It turns out the mother’s struggle was not in vain. Over time it turned out that most of the mother’s friends were promoting the book as well. Of course, willingly. Unexpectedly, this method made Raditya Dika’s book sell well on the market.

A valuable lesson is that every work has a momentum, a time.
So when your work is rejected it doesn’t mean your work is bad, but the market is not yet supportive. That’s all the problem.

6. Doesn’t look at social status

There is a misconception about the writing profession that makes poor people feel inferior about writing.
Writing is not about wealth and money, but about the ability to express yourself.

You need to remember that not every rich person can write, but every great writer can become rich.
Free thinking is the soul of a writer. So it is not surprising if a poor writer suddenly becomes rich because one of his works explodes on the market.

From the explanation above, it becomes clear that a writer should not be pessimistic about his own work.
Confident in his abilities and confident that his work will be accepted by society. However, a writer should not be arrogant about his work. Remaining humble will make yourself appreciated and respected. Any better suggestions? Please share here. 

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