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6 Reasons Why Successful People Like to Get Up Early and Hate Being Late


Jun 30, 2017

“There is no success without sacrifice.” This expression is most likely true if it is used as a reason for successful people to get into the habit of waking up early in the morning. In general, getting up early is a difficult job to do. How could it not be, when many people still feel comfortable continuing to sleep at night, successful people have a different perspective.

Indeed, there is no guarantee that you can be successful by waking up early.
However, if you look at the majority of successful people, whether national figures or world famous figures, they have the habit of waking up early. That is why their path to success in life is easier to obtain.

Regardless of your condition, believe that waking up early is the middle way to success.
Therefore, don’t waste your plans, targets or big dreams being postponed because you didn’t make the most of your time early.

6 Reasons Why Successful People Like to Get Up Early and Hate Being Late

Here are 6 reasons why successful people like to wake up early

1. Waking up early makes your mind clear

Most people who wake up early tend to have a clear mind.
This is not surprising considering that in the morning they only think about positive things. You will never find this thought in people who like to wake up during the day.

What is easy to see is that people who wake up in the morning will think that their life at that time will go according to plan because there is no reason not to have prepared for that day.
It’s different if you wake up during the day, even though you have plans and preparations, clear thoughts will not appear simultaneously. No matter how you try, clear thinking will disappear because it is influenced by air, noise and so on.

Therefore, try to wake up early in the morning.
Some say it is quite good when referring to morning prayers. However, there are others who recommend getting up early about 1 hour before morning prayers. Whatever it is, immediately start the habit of waking up early so that you can achieve success more quickly.

2. Make daily tasks run better

Among the daily tasks that you may have to do are making the bed, washing clothes, washing dishes or glasses.
These daily tasks would be better if they were completed before you go to work or college. In fact, basically you can postpone this until you get home from work or college.

However, if you look at your physical and mental condition because you are tired, it feels like you will just leave the task alone.
Of course, this is a bad habit that ultimately makes things difficult for yourself.

If you are able to wake up early then you can do your daily work well, why?
It’s clear because in the morning all your daily tasks are still small. So it is very likely that the daily work above can be completed in less than 1 hour. That way, after returning home from work or college, you can really avoid the bad mood of a messy house.

3. Can maximize memory and creativity

Morning time is very suitable for activities that require high memory.
Because of this, many people like to study in the morning and have a strong memory for the material studied. That’s why it’s not strange that intelligent people choose morning time to maximize their learning.

Likewise, creativity can be optimized in the morning.
Work that is ready to be done at that time often becomes a proving ground for finding formulas, ways of working, ways of thinking, effective methods or better, easier and faster solutions. If you wake up late, is there an opportunity to hone your memory and creativity?

4. Safe and comfortable from hasty nature and attitude

People who wake up late tend to be haunted by fear and anxiety in their brain and heart.
How could it not be, limited time makes him feel pressured to prepare to go to work or college. Of course, this will be a big disaster if it becomes a daily habit.

It’s different if you wake up early in the morning.
You will be able to feel a safe and comfortable situation with your brain and heart. You can even feel this condition on the way to the office or college. So, there is no reason for you to find it difficult to become a successful person.

5. Have time to exercise

Basically, the busyness that has to be done every day often means that time for exercise is neglected.
In fact, exercise is a way to maintain health and keep the body fresh and energetic.

The good news is that by waking up early you have the opportunity to exercise.
Indeed, the type of exercise tends to be lighter, such as jogging, gymnastics or running. However, with a little exercise you can have a healthy and strong body to carry out daily activities. So, the risk of getting sick easily can be avoided because the body doesn’t move enough.

6. Prevents you from sleeping late at night

When you have the habit of waking up early to become a successful person, you will reduce the habit of staying up late at night.
It’s true that people staying up late have their own reasons, but if you look at the bad effects of this habit, it seems unwise to use it for things that are less useful.

Therefore, if you don’t use your evenings to study, or complete work that requires immediate completion then try to avoid it.
It’s better for you to sleep early so you can wake up early in the morning. Maybe that way you won’t easily experience depression or stress.

In conclusion, there is no easy way to become a successful person.
However, this does not mean that success will be impossible to achieve in life. If you can start the habit of waking up early then I think you are closer to success. So, maximize your morning time with things that make you a creative, productive and imaginative person. Ready? 

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