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6 Reasons Why Beginner Bloggers Easily Fail and Stop Blogging


Jul 4, 2017

Talking about blogging activities can’t be separated from the terms success or failure. Indeed, as a beginner blogger, success is the most beautiful thing that can be a target to be realized. So that challenges and obstacles are overcome with full confidence and optimism.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to become a successful blogger. Struggle after struggle and sacrifice after sacrifice must continue to be made to achieve this. So sometimes, due to fatigue or laziness, success doesn’t come your way. In fact, there is a high possibility of feeling frustrated and disappointed. As a result, the perspective on the world of blogging has become a frightening threat.

Regardless of how much struggle you have endured. At least you should know that in the world of blogging there is actually no such thing as failure. However, the fact that income from online is a reference has more or less influenced the psychology of bloggers. This is what causes bloggers to often be called failures and ultimately stop blogging.

6 Reasons Why Beginner Bloggers Easily Fail and Stop Blogging

Reasons why beginner bloggers easily fail and stop blogging

1. The blog topic does not match your passion

Many people think that by creating a blog they are closer to success.
This view is quite reasonable because after all, many successful bloggers with income of millions of rupiah per month have created blogs.

The problem is that when you create a blog with a topic that doesn’t match your passion, it will create new problems. You will slowly and surely experience difficulty filling your blog content with useful articles.

If you continue to struggle to produce articles on topics you don’t understand then it will most likely take you a long time to do it. In fact, the longer it takes you to complete an article post, the longer your hope of success will be. If this is the case then the terms failure and quitting will often appear in your mind.

3. Most learning theories

In general, studying is highly recommended in every matter for optimal and satisfying results.
Therefore, it is natural that you have to learn the world of blogging in more depth and detail. With this knowledge, you can succeed more quickly and effectively.

However, don’t focus too much on looking for various theoretical sources in the world of blogging. Frankly, theory is very important, but don’t get caught up in looking for the best and most correct theory. Basically all theories need application and real results. So these results can answer the shortcomings or weaknesses of the blog that you are managing.

However, if you are busy with a perfectionist perspective then it will be difficult for you to start moving forward. As a result, you are confused about which theory to apply because you are afraid that the results will not match your expectations. This situation makes novice bloggers easily shake their confidence in being successful in the world of blogging.

3. Referring too much to numbers or values ​​or blog statistics

As a blogger, you should improve the quality of your blog to a higher level.
Among the references that can be used as benchmarks are domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), organic visitors, page views, Alexa rank, and others.

Indeed, basically a high number or value indicates the quality of the blog and its popularity. However, thinking about this often can make the activity of filling in blog content slow.

As you routinely view blog statistics, the time to write articles becomes more limited. Even though the quality of blogs based on numbers or values ​​will not be different for the next few days. So, it’s better for you to focus on filling your blog with various posts. That way, your blog will simultaneously increase in terms of DA, PA, visitors, page views, Alexa rank and so on.

4. Not ready to sacrifice and fight

In the world of blogging, you have to be prepared to not make any money online for around 3 months, 6 months or a year.
This is a real condition when someone enters the internet world.

Indeed, this is not 100% true because some bloggers can also earn money faster than that time. However, considering that building and managing a blog is not easy, you must be prepared to face the worst conditions.

This view does not only come from beginner bloggers, even popular bloggers like Herman Yudiono with his Blogodolar.com also say that. So, don’t be surprised if you haven’t made any money in that period. If you can’t bear these consequences then you will definitely think you have failed and stop going online.

5. Having no friends or community

No business success occurs alone.
This is the correct perspective when talking about online business. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have colleagues or friends to discuss with. It’s even better if the friend is already better at blogging. That way you don’t have to experience trial and error over and over again.

Don’t forget about the community as a place for you to socialize. In communities or groups there are times when there are discussions about problems that are actually similar to the blog conditions you are facing. From that, community members usually provide input to each other about the best solution for solving it.

However, if you don’t have both, your determination and enthusiasm will easily waver. As a result, when you feel unable to overcome these difficulties, it is easy for you to think, “Blogging is over, it’s hard.”

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6. Don’t have a strategy or plan to publish articles regularly

In fact, you may already have a mature plan or strategy for the blog that you manage.
However, there is no benefit if you don’t do it consistently. In the world of blogging, you have to publish posts in the form of articles regularly. The key to blog success is a large number of quality articles.

I realize that it is not easy to manage a quality blog with a large number of articles. Therefore, if you cannot do both at the same time, try implementing one of them.

My suggestion is that if your blog plays Google Adsense and has received full approval, then you can start playing with a large number of articles. However, if it turns out that you are still at the stage where Google Adsense has not been accepted, then please focus first on the quality of the article (for example, an article with a word count of 500-1000 words). Why is that? 

If you force a blog with mediocre quality for a money-making program, it will most likely be rejected. However, what I mean by a large number of articles still refers to a minimum word count of 300 words.

In conclusion, regardless of the various factors that cause you to fail or succeed in blogging. Actually, you don’t need to be too pessimistic. Every road to success will have challenges and obstacles. If you are able to get through the situation above then there is a big chance that you will not fail and stop blogging. So, be an ambitious blogger, but play smart. 

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