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6 Problems that Beginner Bloggers Often Complain About


Feb 8, 2016

It cannot be denied that some beginner bloggers often complain about various blog problems.
This is not strange considering that they do not have sufficient experience to enter this field. Often there are some things that cannot be completed in an instant, but require time and regular practice.

I also complained about blog problems when I first got to know the internet, maybe you have also experienced this.
How could it not be that with the emergence of various problems I have to work extra hard to overcome them. Starting from browsing, reading other people’s articles, it became a daily thing that I did.

Not only that, to speed up the resolution of this problem, I was also forced to buy e-books with a tight wallet.
Of course this is a dilemma that I have to live with. However, I believe that with time, hard work and patience, the target of achieving a star blogger can be achieved.

6 Problems that Beginner Bloggers Often Complain About

The problem that a beginner blogger complains about

1. Difficulty finding sources of inspiration for writing articles

It’s not easy for novice bloggers to find inspiration to write.
They often have difficulty with what they want to write to fill the blog. How not to write is not an easy job for those with little knowledge of the world of writing. In addition, there is no strong learning source to use as a writing reference.

However, this can actually be overcome in an easy way.
You only need basic writing techniques. This method could be a solution for you (Read:
9 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Articles ). From here you can learn how to write good articles.

2. Difficulty writing articles from where

Even though you have found a source of inspiration for writing, the reality is that writing articles is not something you can immediately apply.
The problem is that they are often confused by the source of the inspiration. How can a mind that has too many sources of inspiration while the brain still lacks creativity can become a deadly boomerang?

Maybe you have experienced this where you don’t know where to write, what it should look like or what it should look like.
This is a problem that beginner bloggers often experience when writing. However, you don’t need to worry if you experience this.
Easy Ways to Learn to Write Articles for Beginners can be a solution to the problems you are complaining about.

3. Often preoccupied with the quality of the article

Even after you have finished writing an article, it turns out that new problems can arise.
The quality of the article is the main reason. In reality, a good article is not always guided by 100% uniqueness of the article. Even though this indicates that the article produced is not copy-paste, it may not indicate the quality of the article. Therefore, it is not surprising that spinner articles are difficult for visitors to read.

In this regard, I suggest you learn to write articles for readers and not for search engines.
After all, an interesting article is an article that is interesting to readers. For this, you can read
Secret Tips on How to Write Good Articles for Readers .

4. Difficulty writing long articles

Based on what I have experienced, I still find it difficult to write long articles.
Maybe short articles of 400-500 words are no longer a problem, but writing long articles of up to thousands of words is still a problem in itself.

Paying attention to what other bloggers provide, they provide an illustration that articles that occupy top positions in search engines usually have a word count of more than 1000. What is even more surprising is that international bloggers have been able to write articles of 1000-3000 words.
Of course this is a challenge that must be solved.

5. Difficult to get reader comments

How often do we write articles? Sometimes the issue of reader response in the form of comments becomes something we complain about.
Why? Try to imagine when you write an article that is quite tiring and drains your brain, but there is still no response from readers. If this continues, it is not impossible that one day you will stop writing because there is no response from readers.

In this regard, you actually don’t need to worry or be pessimistic.
Basically, the reader’s response comes after your article finds a place in their hearts through the quality presented. Therefore, keep writing so that you get a large number of articles. Once this is achieved, the reader’s response (comments) will come naturally. Read:
What’s Important in Writing Articles About Bonus Reader Responses

6. Difficulty getting visitors

To become a blogger who is known to many people, the number of visitors is very important.
It is through the large number of visitors that a blog can be judged to be of quality and worthy of being used as a reference (authority blog).

For beginner bloggers, getting visitors is still a difficult thing, including me.
However, as time goes by and the number of articles increases and the process of finding the right backlinks will become a solution that lights the way.

In conclusion, even though there are many things that can be complained about, it would be better if these things were used as a challenge to your brain’s intelligence to achieve success.
Maybe it will take longer. However, with the belief in success and confidence in your abilities, all complaints can be something to be proud of if they have been resolved. Therefore, the winning mentality must continue to thrive. (Read:
Winning Mentality that a Blogger Must Have ) If you have any other suggestions,  please share them here!

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