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6 Fears of a Blogger to Be Aware of


Oct 12, 2015

There is no doubt that now is the age of the internet.
The rapid development of the internet is starting to be noticed by many people. Not only for sending data/files, but it has been used to make money.

How to make money from the internet has apparently made people change direction.
From being an office employee or entrepreneur, he changed his profession to become a blogger. Blogging is currently the most popular way to make money from the internet.

However, bloggers are not dominated by them alone.
Even unskilled workers, students and even professors and journalists are busy creating blogs to become part-time bloggers. So it’s not surprising that this fact scares some novice bloggers.

6 Fears of a Blogger to Be Aware of

6 Fears of a Blogger

1. Afraid that the blog will not be interesting

One of the important pillars of a blog is how to make the blog interesting to look at.
The reason is quite simple that not all readers respect the articles alone. But more than that they expect an attractive appearance.

The appearance here can be determined by an attractive blog template, clear navigation, easy-to-read words (not too small/proportional) and the article itself.
Apart from that, internal link issues are also a consideration.

Even though it is important, you don’t have to master everything at the same time.
The solution is if you have difficulty creating an attractive template because you don’t understand HTML codes, you can simply use someone else’s template. It depends on your choice whether it is free or premium.

2. Afraid that the article will not be unique

One of the obstacles for beginner bloggers is writing.
Not all bloggers understand the world of journalism. This is certainly a fear in itself for them. As a result, they find it difficult to imagine how to create a unique article.

Apart from these problems, this kind of fear is actually unfounded.
Why? We already know that the internet is a repository for various kinds of writing. Everything just circulates and without control or even certain conditions.

Therefore, you should not hesitate to write articles.
Not all articles are unique and of high quality. Apart from that, there are also articles that only contain 150-200 words. That’s why it’s so strange if you think you’re ordinary.

Everyone has their own intuition to be unique and creative.
Regardless of education and employment level. All that is needed for a unique article is to believe in your own abilities.

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3. Fear of articles being copied and pasted by other people

As the internet develops rapidly, the problem of copy-paste articles is no longer a new problem.
Many bloggers use other people’s articles for personal purposes. So it is not surprising that copy-paste articles are used for online stores, affiliate marketing and so on.

Unique, useful articles are indeed valuable.
In line with the efforts and thoughts put into it. Therefore, articles like this are always sought after.

In this regard, you actually don’t need to worry about your article.
In some ways of making money, such as Google Adsense, the existence of copy-paste articles is very dangerous. Apart from being prone to being banned, you can also be subject to copyright problems.

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The best solution for you is to register your blog to use DCMA.
This site requires that your articles be copy-paste free and knows if there is a possibility that your article has been plagiarized by someone else. That way you can report it.

4. Afraid of the Reputation of Successful Bloggers

It cannot be denied that success depends on how hard you put in the effort and thought you put into it.
That is an open secret that has developed and is the best word for success.

The existence of successful bloggers should bring great motivation to novice bloggers.
However, seeing this reality, some people misperceive, causing fear.

Many bloggers are pessimistic about this reality.
Imagining successful bloggers struggling for years, working day and night and being good at writing has more or less influenced the enthusiasm for blogging.

How could it not be that they need a long time to be successful with extraordinary capital skills, while beginner bloggers sometimes start blogs just for fun.
So blogging is just filling your free time.

However, it turns out that there is a new reality that a builder makes dollars because of gaming applications.
Apart from that, a successful blogger earning 10k dollars per month apparently used to be free-range. They are no one with just a basic level of education. So you shouldn’t need to worry about blogging.

5. Afraid that the blog won’t get visitors

To be successful in blogging visitors are very important.
Not only does it enliven the blog, but it increases readers’ trust in our personalities.

But unfortunately getting visitors is not easy.
It takes hard work and the quality of the blog that we have. Apart from that, the number of articles is also very influential.

The good news is that you can get visitors by doing the following things.

Create quality articles so they enter page one SERP

Looking for backlinks from blog directories or blogwalking

Share articles via social media

6. Afraid that the blog won’t make money

It has become the vision and mission that when working, it is best to make money.
Likewise with blogging which is one way to make money via the internet.

By blogging you can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.
There are lots of programs available, be it PPC or affiliate marketing.

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However, for a blog to be successful, it must be supported by a large number of visitors as a foundation.
This is a particular difficulty for beginner bloggers.

To manage a blog, a blogger needs extraordinary focus, starting from creating articles regularly and promoting the blog.
Of course, this is not easy and takes a long time, so some bloggers stop blogging because they are afraid of not making money.

The solution is that you have to read the journey of bloggers who struggled from the start to become successful like Eka Lesmana.

In conclusion,
fear should not make you pessimistic about becoming a blogger. However, you have to overcome every obstacle and challenge gradually. Therefore, make this a boost to your determination and enthusiasm. So you can walk with a feeling of calm and joy. Besides that, prayer and sincerity are needed to succeed. Believe me, if you are on the right track, these fears are just a test that will shape you into a successful blogger.  

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