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6 Difficulties that Make Beginner Bloggers Frustrate More Quickly


Jul 9, 2017

Becoming a successful blogger may be the highest hope that is sometimes difficult to realize. How could it not be, various blogging problems often make a beginner blogger feel frustrated and disappointed. As a result, blogging activities become a dilemma, whether to continue or stop there.

It cannot be denied that there is huge income potential if you become a successful blogger. You can earn millions to hundreds of tens of millions of income per month from the blog sources that you manage. Unfortunately there is no easy way to achieve it. This is what causes some bloggers to work harder and work smarter.

However, every challenge in blogging activities becomes complicated to overcome when one difficulty after another comes along. At least you have to know the various difficulties for beginner bloggers that make it difficult to develop. In this way, the consequences of entering the online world are not just passing by or joining in.

6 Difficulties that Make Beginner Bloggers Frustrate More Quickly

Difficulties that often frustrate novice bloggers

1. It’s hard to get Google’s approval

Of the many money-making programs on the internet, it seems that the program from Google, namely Google Adsense, is the most popular program.
This is because many bloggers are successful because of this program. One name that is quite well known for its success in the Adsense program is Eka Lesmana. Meanwhile, in terms of blog names, some of the ones that drive success the most are Maxmanroe.com or JuraganCipir.com.

From this case, it is not surprising that many internet users finally take the step of creating a new blog. Of course, with the hope that the Google Adsense program will be accepted immediately.

Despite these hopes, the reality is that registering to become an Adsense publisher cannot be said to be easy. Your blog must be able to fulfill various requirements in order to be accepted. If the conditions are not met then applying repeatedly will be useless. The bad news is that there are no clear and detailed instructions regarding the requirements or shortcomings of a rejected blog. This is what makes beginner bloggers feel more or less frustrated in managing it again.

2. Busy looking for a large number of visitors

The number of visitors is a reference that your blog can be said to be successful or popular.
Why? Because with a large number of visitors, the possibility of making a lot of money becomes wider and bigger. Not to mention that this has a big impact on blogs that rely on Pay Per Click programs to make money.

Unfortunately, in order to get a large number of visitors, you have to go through a series of processes. You have to look for lots of quality backlinks, have interesting or viral articles on social media and so on.

For some beginner bloggers, of course this cannot be achieved in just a few months. It’s not that it can’t be realized, but considering the large number of tasks that have to be done, it feels like only a few people can make it happen. Most of them have to be willing to see that the number of visitors to the blog they manage is still small.

3. Always be ready with regularly published articles

As a blogger, the main task you have to do is write articles and publish them.
In this way, the blog content becomes rich and varied so that it can attract a wider number of visitors.

Tasks like this are easy to do if you already have an interest or love of writing. However, what happens in the field is that many bloggers start from zero. This means they don’t have the slightest knowledge about the world of writing. So, it is understandable if while managing a blog they also learn how to write good and correct articles.

That’s why they are not ready to publish articles regularly. However, without an article that is continuously updated, the potential for getting lots of visitors is delayed. So it’s not surprising that some beginner bloggers are often frustrated because routine article writing tasks cannot be completed quickly and on schedule.

4. Must be on the first page of search engines

Even though you are able to write good and correct articles, it still doesn’t eliminate future anxiety.
The problem arises because many bloggers give advice on doing keyword research so that articles can enter the first page of search engines. This advice is quite reasonable because by occupying the first page of search engines the potential number of visitors can increase significantly.

For this reason, focus and concentration on producing good and quality articles is an urgent necessity. As a result, your mind becomes confined and full of pressure. From here, if there is failure in several long articles, disappointment will easily come. Furthermore, the task of publishing articles regularly takes its toll.

5. It takes a long time to succeed

Basically, by creating a blog it becomes your long-term investment.
Of course, the blog will not make money once it has been created. Therefore, don’t have too high hopes if your blog is only a few months old.

Facing this reality, it seems that only a few people want to enter the world of blogging, especially blogs that rely on advertising for monetization. Therefore, don’t be surprised if many bloggers who have only been making money for a few months become very disappointed.

6. Ready to spend energy, time and money 

For a moment, let’s think about the world of blogging.
From the beginning until now you have definitely spent a lot of energy to make your blog better, better quality and more popular. The hope is that you can immediately enjoy the targeted results.

Not to mention if you are a part-time blogger or even a full-time blogger, then a lot of time is needed. Plus, you have to set aside money to pay for domains and hosting every year. Moreover, if you don’t know how to write articles well and correctly, there is a possibility that you will also have to buy an ebook on how to write articles.

This readiness to pay is sometimes a difficulty for beginner bloggers, especially if the results (income) obtained are not commensurate with the costs incurred. In other words, your struggle will actually reduce your enthusiasm for blogging and lead to frustration. 

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