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6 Benefits of Internet Banking for Bank Customers in Rural Areas


May 23, 2017

As a bank customer, of course you must be able to maximize bank facilities called internet banking. Maybe this still sounds strange to some people, especially those who are used to making transactions at the nearest bank branch office. Even though this is legitimate for security reasons, it is time to move forward.

Unfortunately, the existence of internet banking still does not attract the interest of customers. This is not surprising because some of them are afraid of making transactions online. Even though the internet is growing, the use of internet banking will become a mainstay because of the convenience it provides.

Therefore, if you are already a bank customer, don’t forget to recognize the benefits of internet banking. Many people ignore this, what are the consequences? They lag behind in using their time effectively and efficiently. If it’s like that, a lot of time is wasted on things that are less creative.

6 Benefits of Internet Banking for Bank Customers in Rural Areas

Benefits of Internet Banking for Bank Customers

1. Make a money transfer

In the past, before internet banking, many bank customers had to go to the nearest bank branch to make a money transfer.
After that, the bank improved its services to its customers by introducing Direct Teller Machine (ATM) cards. With an ATM card, users can easily transfer money non-cash.

Unfortunately you have to go to the nearest ATM. Even then, sometimes you have to queue or the balance of money provided runs out. Not to mention if it turns out the money machine is damaged and is in the process of being repaired. Then you have to go to another place which of course takes time to travel.

However, with internet banking at home, you can transfer money more quickly, economically and efficiently. So don’t be surprised if within seconds confirmation of the money that has been transferred is immediately visible.

2. Check account balances and account mutations

Apart from transferring money, you can check the balance you have.
You can see all news about account balances and mutations very clearly. What’s even more surprising is that if you are a businessman and make lots of online transactions every day then you will get tired of looking at them. How could it not be, all the money coming in and out can look very long.

For this reason, immediately activate your internet banking so that you no longer need to go to the nearest branch office or ATM just to check your account balance and account transfers. You can do everything with a little internet access and you can do it anywhere.

3. Pay monthly bills

What happens if you go to pay your electricity bill, drinking water tax, telephone, or pay your TV subscription bill by going to the nearest branch office?
You’re definitely tired, and it’s definitely a drain on your productive time. Apart from that, the risk of queuing and travel costs make you spend more.

The good news is that the bank has thought about this for its customers, namely with internet banking. So, when you want to save travel costs and energy to pay off your monthly bills, then the internet is suitable for you to use.

You can even arrange all your monthly bills to be included in your debit balance list. So, when the payment time arrives your account balance will automatically respond. However, this payment place supports online payment systems.  

4. Top up your electric credit

By opening your internet banking on the internet, you can easily top up electric credit for your cellphone, buy internet data quota or electric electric credit.
It turns out that there are still people who don’t want to try this convenience. So going to an outlet or counter becomes an old habit that is difficult to reduce.

5. Online payment

Many companies have accepted online payment systems for their customers.
Apart from that, several online sellers such as clothes, t-shirts, jackets, ebooks, applications or software make online transactions their mainstay payment system.

Even paying for hotels, plane tickets, concert tickets using the online system has become popular nowadays. So, if you want to be more flexible with your time and energy, please use internet banking.

6. View currency exchange information

Want to know the exchange rates for popular currencies in the world?
Just check via your internet banking account. The information provided tends to be the latest so that you can see clearly the value of the Rupiah currency which is always fluctuating (up and down) with foreign currency exchange rates.

Among the currency rates that you can see are the American dollar (USD), Singapore dollar (SGD), Euro (EUR), British Pound Sterling and others.

In conclusion, it is not easy to change the habit of paying offline to online. However, taking into account the great benefits of internet banking for bank customers, for the sake of convenience, speed, efficiency and safety, there is no harm in registering. 

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