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6 Amazing Functions of the Internet in Everyday Life


Jun 22, 2015

As the most popular technology globally, internet use has begun to be accessible, no longer limited to big cities, but has reached remote villages.
Of course, this development is very encouraging for all groups. But from all that, do you

know the functions of the internet in more detail?
In everyday life the internet has a very complete function.

The Internet is a computer network that can be used globally (for more details, read: What is the Internet, its facilities and advantages).
Therefore, there are various internet functions that you can use in your daily life. Starting from pupils, students, companies, government and the general public, the internet is greatly helped.

6 Amazing Functions of the Internet in Everyday Life

There are several main internet functions, including:

1. Media Search for Information

You can search for almost all the information you want on the internet.
Various materials are available on the internet ranging from education, politics, sports, health, food, and many more that are impossible to mention one by one. On the internet, search engines are known as the main forum for collecting information sources on a global scale. There are various search engines (read:
Types of Search Engines ) that you can use.

Sources of information on the internet come from websites, web directories, portals, blogs, forums and mailing lists.
If these sources are detailed there will be millions of references because they are made by millions of people/companies.

2. Media for Communication and Interaction

When the internet first appeared, the most popular communication medium was chat.
Chatting is a medium for communicating using an email address by sending text, audio, and even video. Email that has Gmail. Hotmail, Yahoomail, etc. Along with developments, social networks have begun to emerge which have become the new prima donna in communicating and interacting. The most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

3. Writing Learning Media

Because information sources on the internet also come from various people’s writings.
So you can practice your writing skills and then publish them on the internet via a website or personal blog which can be created for free or for a fee. Learn to write that is suitable for the internet in the form of short articles (diaries, hobbies, etc.) or long articles (short stories, novels, etc.).

4. Media Upload and Download Files

On the internet you can upload files (in the form of: images, videos, text and audio) and also download them (download).
There are many file upload sites on the internet, you can search for them yourself on search engines. As for downloading files, it can be free or paid. There are many software for downloading such as IDM (Internet Download Manager), FDM (Free Download Manager) and many more.

5. Online Buying and Selling Media (Online Business)

The internet, which is fast, practical, flexible and economical, encourages people to do business online.
With this method people can sell and buy goods and services online. Online buying and selling is starting to shift conventional trading methods because the seller does not need to meet face to face with the buyer to carry out transactions.

The advantage of this online business is that apart from being easy and fast, it also has a global market share covering all countries in the world so the potential for transactions is greater.
The goods being traded are in the form of real goods and in the form of digital goods. Digital goods such as e-books and software are starting to be of interest to people.

6. Media Looking for Extra Money

Apart from online buying and selling media, there are other internet functions which are currently booming.
What’s that? That is a super cheap business model, you could even say it’s free, but you can earn big income just from a blog without even having a blog. There are many money-making programs on the internet. People who have blogs are known as bloggers. By becoming active bloggers, many of those who were previously office employees chose to leave and focus on blogging because of the extraordinary income potential.

That’s a little of the internet function that I know.
However, internet use depends on you. Some people only use it to use up their internet quota by being active on social media. Of these 6 functions, what do you most often use the internet for? 

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