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5 Tricks for Starting a Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Business for Beginners


Aug 18, 2017

Starting a small business can be said to be one of the surefire tricks for achieving success. How could it not be, almost every entrepreneur who enters the business world has a great possibility of becoming rich. So it is not surprising that some office employees choose to resign from the office and start a business.

Indeed, there is no guarantee that by becoming a businessman or entrepreneur you will get rich quickly. However, considering the many people who are successful in the world of entrepreneurship, it seems not impossible that novice business people can also make it happen. As long as you know how to build and manage a business properly and correctly.

Referring to how to start a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) business, it is actually not only about the capital that must be spent. Even with limited capital, you can become a businessman who has a large income.

5 Tricks for Starting a Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Business for Beginners

Tricks for starting a small and medium business

1. Try to type of business according to your abilities and interests

There is nothing happier for a businessman than having a business that suits his interests and abilities.
This is because every business has obstacles and challenges that must be faced. If it turns out that your business is going through difficult times, it is very likely that you will not easily give up on getting out of this pressure.

Moreover, if the field is very suitable to the abilities you have and master. So it is clear that you will work with enthusiasm and responsibility to advance the business. Remember, even businesses that suit your interests also have a chance of success in the business world.

For example, if you have an interest in poultry farming then you will naturally improve your ability to raise livestock well, easily, effectively and efficiently. With this capital, you can start a chicken or duck farming business which can eventually become a partner with big restaurants in your city.

2. Smart in preparing business plans

Something that is planned has a greater chance of success than just an impromptu plan.
How could it not be, something that is planned tends to take into account many things that can influence it. While an impromptu plan may be good at the start, but in the end it does not rule out the possibility of destroying the business along the way.

Therefore, if you want to start a business, prepare a clear and measurable business plan. Among the things you have to consider are a business description, a clear target market (for what group?, what age?, men, women or both, etc.). Apart from that, the marketing strategy must also be clear so that the costs incurred can also be predicted. It’s even better if you can estimate that the business plan can work in the long term.

All matters related to business should be based on a clear plan. In this way, the risk of business failure can be avoided due to mistakes in making hasty and immature decisions.

3. Prepare a definite strategic plan and SOP

When starting a business, you must also consider SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).
Bus SOPs are defined as a collection of instructions or work orders written in detail as a reference for workers so that there is uniformity in a job. Of course, we are still guided by the goals that must be achieved.

With this SOP, you can avoid all employees working in more than 1 field which results in triggering internal problems for employees.

Apart from that, you also need a clear strategic plan. A strategic plan is a management tool used to manage current conditions to project future conditions. So business strategy planning can be interpreted as a guide that a business can use from its current conditions so that they can work towards the next 5-10 years.

Because business strategy planning is very crucial, try to overcome various possible obstacles or challenges that will arise. So that within that time period there will be no major decisions that will change or replace the business plan from the start.

4. Build business relationships

Entering the world of business requires appropriate and trusted business relationships.
You can use business relations as a place to exchange ideas because there is a possibility that you and your relations have the same business problems.

Apart from that, you can use it as a place to build trust for your name and business venture with customers and other people because you are connected to your relations who already have the trust of many people. This way you don’t need to be tired from the start looking for trusted suppliers.

What’s even more encouraging is that if you want to expand your business, there is a big possibility that resellers will be easy to find. So your business can grow faster.

5. Promotion on social media

The large number of social media on the internet should be an effective and efficient promotional tool for your business.
It is highly recommended that if you build a business, try to have a website that can be accessed. Even so, don’t forget to use social media as a promotional tool in business.

You can use Facebook and Instagram as the most effective and efficient business promotion media. If you are able, try advertising via Facebook Ads (Facebook Ads) because the chances of closing are big as long as you know the advertising techniques. Moreover, if it is supported by WhatsApp, Line and BBM media, you can be closer to potential consumers.

In conclusion, in the business world it cannot be separated from the need for capital. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start a business (UMKM) without a lot of capital. Some people even set aside part of their salary for business capital. Even then, many of them are successful. Therefore, don’t always get caught up in capital problems which ultimately make you afraid to take steps in business. 

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