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5 Tips for Learning Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Without Capital


Sep 11, 2021

Have you ever heard the term affiliate or affiliate marketing? Maybe on social media Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Google, etc.

If you haven’t heard, then we will learn to become an affiliate marketer for beginners. Don’t worry, I will try to provide these affiliate tips without capital and only using free media. But, before that, we will discuss what products can be used as affiliate marketing practices.

Returning to the initial topic, affiliate marketing is a digital business that can be said to be quite promising and profitable. Why do I say that? Of course there are strong reasons for this.


In terms of terms, affiliate marketing is a business selling other people’s products without having to stock the product and you will get a commission from the product owner if a sale occurs. 

How do we know that the sale is recorded in your sales? The easiest thing to recognize is through the affiliate link for the product you are selling, whether on social media, website or any media. 

The simple illustration is this, you register to become an affiliate marketing online course product (ecourse), then you take the affiliate link in the member area of ​​the vendor (ecourse product owner). Sometimes vendors also provide a feature to create their own discount coupon code. If this is the case, you have to create a unique coupon code first. Because a coupon code is more powerful than just an affiliate link. 

In many cases, even if a potential buyer initially uses your affiliate link. However, because he uses a unique coupon code that has been created by another affiliate marketer, the sale is counted as going to the affiliate marketer and not to you. 

So, if the vendor does not provide a discount coupon code feature, you can simply share the affiliate link without a discount coupon code. However, if it turns out that the vendor provides a feature for creating discount coupon codes, then you have to create it first. Then you distribute the affiliate link by including a coupon code to your potential buyers.

Tips for learning affiliate marketing for beginners

Seeing how many people are interested in becoming affiliate marketers, it’s a good idea for you to know these important tips before you regret it and have to start over again.

1. Create a personal website for product reviews.

Create a website? 

Didn’t you just say without capital… why is that? It’s paid bro!

Eith… wait a minute. If you think creating a website always has to be paid for, then (sorry) you are very wrong. Why so?

To create a personal website, you don’t need to have it based on WordPress, which requires you to buy a domain and hosting at the same time. There are several ways to create a website without a domain and hosting. One of them uses free media from Google, namely Blogger / Blogspot.

With Blogspot you don’t need to pay money to buy hosting because the hosting is covered by Google. And you don’t need to worry because your website remains safe, even if it has thousands or even tens of thousands of traffic/visitors.

However, I suggest you buy a paid domain to make your website name look professional. It doesn’t have to be an expensive domain like com, net, xyz, etc. You can use cheap domains such as my.id, web.id, etc. The cheapest domain prices start from 12,000 rupiah to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

2. Select the type of product you are affiliated with

Regarding products that provide affiliate marketing, there are actually a lot of them. However, it’s a good idea not to be wise before promoting it on your personal website. There are many quality products, but it is not uncommon for there to be products of mediocre quality.

Product categories that provide affiliate features include hosting, ecourses, tools, software, applications, design templates, video templates, physical products, etc.

When choosing affiliate products, you should not be greedy in all the categories you include on your website/blog. You should sort it out, for example, create a website on the first blog with a digital product category (niche). Meanwhile, the website in the second blog is in the physical product category.

3. Review affiliate products

In fact, after you create a website/blog, you have to fill the website with affiliate product review content. Actually, it’s not that difficult to make product reviews through articles. Because basically you are just copying Vondor product copywriting into writing that is unique, original and tries to be honest. 

Although the task of writing a review looks easy, there are things you must pay attention to. Make sure your review is not a 100% copy paste of the vendor’s copywriting. You cultivate in such a way that no one else equals it. You can use the “rewrite” writing technique. This means that you can copy someone else’s review and then write it in a unique writing style and don’t use the same sentence structure. Even though the content of the article is actually the same.

4. Use Vendor Product MarketingKit

Regardless of whatever product provides an affiliate marketing sales system, usually a good vendor will provide a marketing kit for promotion. MarketingKit is a sales product promotion tool that aims to make it easier for affiliate marketers to market their products to potential buyers. 

Marketing kits usually contain copywriting (usually for email marketing or posting on social media), banners, product covers, salespage files / elementor json format files (especially for those who have self-hosted WordPress-based websites), etc.

Use all existing marketing for your promotional media. To make it even more interesting, you can design copywriting or promotional banners to be unique from the others.

5. Share on Social Media

After you have a personal website, choose the type of product, write a review using the marketing kit provided by the vendor. So the next step is to try posting the review article to the social media that you have, usually Facebook and Instagram are the easiest. You can also post via Whatsapp Group or Telegram Group. If you have a lot of WhatsApp contacts, you can create a sales status where you direct the product link to the website or directly use the affiliate link from the vendor.

Even so, I recommend not directly using affiliate links from vendors unless your market really knows the product and its benefits. Because affiliate links from vendors are usually too long and difficult to remember. Meanwhile, in many cases, potential buyers will not buy when offered the product. So try to change the affiliate link to be short and easy to remember. You can use Bitly for this, but for me, even with Bitly the affiliate link is easy, but it’s still hard to remember. 

If I use Trafficize to shorten affiliate links. For example, this Email Marketing product “Mailketing”.

Vendor link  https://be.mailketing.co.id/aff?affid=3825

Link with Trafficize  https://trafficize.app/app/mailketing

The difference is obvious, right? By trafficizing the link becomes easy to remember. 

If you are interested, you can contact me to get 1 Trafficize account. You only need to pay IDR 50,000 thousand. This is my Telegram contact .

In conclusion, referring to the above tips for learning affiliate marketing for beginners without capital. Far from it, actually doing business by becoming an affiliate marketer is quite easy and difficult. It’s easy to do the above, but it’s often difficult to get sales. 

It’s not because the product is less attractive/bad, but the sales strategy factor is also very influential. For this reason, if you are really serious about running an affiliate marketing business, I recommend 2 online classes that discuss the ins and outs of becoming a reliable affiliate marketer. You can register with Mas Adhitya Tri A’s Tajir Trader or you can join Mas Adhitya S’s Affiliate Class.

Hopefully this is useful and successful in business.


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