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5 Reasons an Entrepreneur Must Dare to Take Risks


Oct 17, 2019

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you have actually decided on something with a big impact. How could it not be, by becoming an entrepreneur you gradually have to change your mindset from being more dependent to being more independent.

The problem is that not everyone can or easily switch from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur.
It’s not an understatement, but the choice to become an entrepreneur certainly has consequences that it can be said that not everyone is immediately able to face. So it is not surprising that many novice entrepreneurs fail and eventually give up.

However, basically by becoming an entrepreneur you have actually prepared yourself to become a successful person by prioritizing your business skills.
Therefore, an entrepreneur must often decide on things that have varying levels of risk. This level of risk is sometimes a stumbling block for novice entrepreneurs.

The fluctuation of various considerations and points of view regarding the situation makes making risky decisions something that takes a long time.
In fact, for an entrepreneur, taking risks is part of the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur. If this way of thinking continues to grow in a person, there is a big possibility that that person could become a failed businessman.

Becoming a successful person is everyone’s desire.
Because if you have decided to become an entrepreneur then you must have the courage to take important decisions which often have big risks. The attitude of daring to take risks is an important part of who you must be.

5 Reasons an Entrepreneur Must Dare to Take Risks

The reason an entrepreneur must dare to take risks

1. Risk can be calculated

When an entrepreneur is required to make decisions immediately and have a big impact, honestly every risk can be calculated.
Business is a calculation that can predict future impacts even though it is not 100% correct. Therefore, an entrepreneur’s attitude of daring to take risks should be different from a hasty attitude that tends to be reckless without calculation.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to make risky decisions as long as you have considered it carefully.

2. You will never know until you try

For an entrepreneur, one way to advance a business is through practice.
To become a successful entrepreneur, an entrepreneur must have the courage to try something that has the potential to advance the business, although in this case the courage to take the risk of profit and loss must be tested.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid to try at first and end up running a stagnant business.
In fact, a good business is a business that continues to innovate amidst increasingly fierce business competition. If you go back and forth in making business decisions because you don’t want to take a risk, then you need to know that no business grows continuously. There are bound to be times when even the largest businesses experience difficult times. So, as long as you are sure that you have made mature and measurable business calculations, why should you be afraid to take a risk.

3. Risk helps differentiate between leaders and followers 

In many cases, an entrepreneur is willing to take bold steps even though they involve big risks.
In today’s competitive business environment, following the same path as other entrepreneurs can result in the business becoming fragile and then going bankrupt.

In reality, only true leaders dare to take risks to break through the difficulties of modern business competition.
Not daring to take risks indicates a person’s weak entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why it’s not surprising that most employees just hide in their comfort zone and end up making no frontal changes to their lives either now or a year later.

4. Without risk there are no new breakthroughs (innovation)

Before you release a new product or do something new in your business at the start, the more you innovate, the greater the risk that will arise.
Therefore, some entrepreneurs do not want to innovate because they are afraid of taking the risk of loss or bankruptcy.

Even though there is no good business that continues to grow, they always try to innovate to follow the market share they are targeting.
If you don’t dare to take risks and then stop innovating, you are setting your business up for bankruptcy.

Of course, good innovation is innovation that still prioritizes clear calculations and is indeed possible to implement and is not just innovating, but does not take into account the target market share.

5. This is an opportunity to learn

Maybe this sounds far-fetched to some people, but if you look at some successful entrepreneurs and know the history of their struggles, your perspective will be different.
Basically, no entrepreneur is always successful when running his business. There are always sweet and bitter memories in developing a business.

Reflecting on this, you can actually learn various positive experiences from successful entrepreneurs.
However, if you have ever taken a risk and failed in business, then you are actually learning a very strong valuable lesson, this skill will even stick with you for the rest of your life. In the future, you will increasingly understand how to calculate possibilities as well as think and plan strategies in business.

Conclusion, regardless of the magnitude of the risks or impacts that will arise when you decide something in business.
So don’t rush to reject or carry it out, but first calculate all the possibilities that could happen afterwards. Rack your brain for planning and strategy to get the success ratio. After that, you will decide whether it is worth doing it now. If the success ratio is high then you must be brave enough to take risks. 

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