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5 Most Important Benefits of Top Level Domains for Personal Blogs


Jul 9, 2017

The tremendous development of blogs on the internet has brought a breath of fresh air for internet users. How could it not be that blogs have become a destination for people looking for easily accessible information. Apart from that, it can also be used to learn to write articles and publish them to the public. In fact, what really attracts internet users’ attention about blogs is that they can be a lucrative money-making machine. So it’s not surprising that blog owners with free domains or top level domains (TLD) are so mushrooming.

Unfortunately there is a difference between free domains and top level domains (paid domains). The problem arises when referring to the various benefits that can be obtained. Of course, no matter how many advantages a free domain has, it still won’t be able to beat the amount of profits you can get if you use a paid domain.

First, you must first know what top level domains are widely used, including “dot(.)Com”, “dot(.)Net”, “dot(.)Org”, “dot(.)Info”, “dot(. )Biz” and others. There are free domains such as “Blogger.com”, “WordPress.com”, “Tumbrl.com”, and others.

5 Most Important Benefits of Top Level Domains for Personal Blogs

5 advantages of using a top level domain

1. Easy to remember

This advantage doesn’t need to be debated anymore.
As short as the blog name is with a free domain, this will not make your website/blog name look short. Not to mention the difficulty of internet users in memorizing blog names that look long. However, your blog is connected to an existing CMS (Content Management System) provider such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com and others. So, your blog name only acts as a sub domain.

On the other hand, if you use a top level domain, with the same blog name, internet users will easily remember the blog name. This convenience is because the name you use directly refers to the efficiency of word use.

    Example of
a free domain from Blogger.com
          Mari-School .blogspot.com   –> Less professional

    Example of top level domain (TLD)
          Mari-School . Com   –> More professional
          Let’s-School . Net   –> More professional.

In plain view, the choice of top level domain is easier for many people to remember than using a free domain.

2. Look professional

As someone who wants to be serious about the world of the internet and create a blog or website, you definitely want internet users to see your blog as professional.
The problem is that this is difficult to achieve if you use a free domain. How do you want to look professional if the name you use has similarities to someone else’s blog or website?

It’s different if you want to create a website or blog with a top level domain. What is visible to internet users will see your blog from a more imaginative and inspiring point of view. So there is a big possibility that they will see that your blog or website is really made for professionals. See example in number 1 above.

3. Easy to get business offers

In the world of the internet, you can make money from various programs offered by many sources.
However, it is not easy for online business people to make money by relying on free domains. It is not impossible for this to happen, but achieving this requires super hard work to be successful.

In fact, most online money-making programs require a top level domain as the main requirement. In other words, top level domains are more effective for getting business offers from websites or other people. So it’s not surprising that by using a top level domain you can collaborate with other people to sell their goods online through your website.

4. Easy to build branding

One of the consequences in the online world is not being able to meet other people face to face.
Of course, this is a serious problem in gaining the trust of internet users. Moreover, trust is the key to success in building branding for a product.

Overcoming this problem is not easy and takes time. However, by using a top level domain you can close the gap in distrust among internet users on a regular basis. Basically, top level domains are paid, so in the eyes of other people, there is a high possibility that they were created for mutually beneficial business purposes. That’s what makes personal branding easier to achieve because it comes with sacrifice.

5. Passionate about writing lots of quality articles

Among the online money-making programs with personal blogs is Google Adsense.
This program will more or less influence publishers to work hard and avoid violations.

It cannot be denied that free domains can still make money from the Google Adsense program. However, this fact often makes managers less productive. So the hard work to produce lots of quality articles becomes less targeted. As a result, when the target is missed, there is no feeling of disappointment or sadness because there are no consequences for spending money within a certain period of time.

Meanwhile, by using a top level domain, the enthusiasm for managing a blog will be high and strong. Writing lots of quality articles is a real task that must be done regularly. Even because of the consequences of paying monthly or yearly paid domain fees, target errors mean losses. That’s why being lazy in fighting means throwing away a lot of money in vain.

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In conclusion, there is no pressure to choose between free or paid domains. However, relying on a free domain to be successful in the online world is not comparable to using a top level domain when referring to the hard work and time that must be spent. However, all the answers depend on you because you are the one who has to live it. And more importantly, you already know the consequences you have to face.

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