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5 (Global) Google Adsense Alternative Sites to Make Money


Sep 2, 2015

Of the many money-making programs on the internet, how many programs do you know?
Do you already know Google Adsense as popular? If yes, then you can reap abundant income from this program only if you know how and strategies to optimize it.

Google Adsense is currently a unique way to make dollars on the internet.
This program is in great demand by bloggers everywhere. Google Adsense is a global pay per click (PPC) program with the potential to generate hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

Many bloggers have become successful from this program, such as Darren Rowse or Daniel Scocco.
This blog master has reached tens of thousands of dollars every time he talks. And what’s interesting is that their blog is managed privately and is not a community blog.

Therefore, bloggers are flocking to join as Adsense publishers.
They started creating blogs so they could join and hope to be successful like the blog masters. Some bloggers even try to be creative by creating blog variations with different topics in order to increase the number of productive readers.
Many bloggers who are banned become discouraged and disappointed because the rich fields of money have disappeared from their hands.
Finally they give up on the world of blogging and stop writing articles. Of course this is not good and a solution must be found. Several global sites are starting to present Adsense alternatives to make money that are no less productive than the Adsense program. This program was apparently able to make the publisher a new millionaire on the internet.

However, the Adsense program provides strict regulations for publishers such as clicking on their own ads, invalid clicks and so on.
These strict regulations trap many publishers so that they unknowingly commit fatal violations which result in being banned by Google so that they cannot join again permanently.

Money-making alternative to Google AdSense

5 (Global) Google Adsense Alternative Sites to Make Money

1. Infolinks

Infolinks comes as a great alternative for monetizing blogs.
This program specializes in In-Text advertising content. So the advertisements that appear will be integrated with the publisher’s blog content. With this program you will be able to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, the blog you have to register must be in English or Spanish. If you are still an Adsense publisher, you can combine these two programs. Adsense and Infolinks present different types of advertising so your blog will be safe even if you combine these 2 programs together. Become a publisher of

For further information, read:
Definition of Infolink and explanation 

2.  Bidvertiser

Another quite tempting alternative to the Adsense program is Bidvertiser.
They offer various ad formats such as text ads, banner ads, mobile ads, slider ads and others, including ad formats as free designs that are attractive to publishers. With this, publishers can determine the appearance and dimensions of the text ads they will use.

Become a Bidvertiser Publisher by
Monetizing your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

3.  Clicksor

This program offers a payout commission of up to 85%.
This commission is bigger than other Adsense alternatives so if you join as a publisher your income will be worth considering.

4.  Interllilinks

almost similar to the Infolinks service, only Intelilinks specializes in placing organic text links throughout the network.
Intelilinks can also collaborate well with the Infolinks program, but not with Adsense.

5. B4PSAds.com

An alternative that offers a good solution as a replacement for Adsense is B4PSAds.com.
The pay per click (PPC) and Cost per action (CPA) offered to publishers and advertisers are the same. The requirements for joining are easy because you don’t need a US social security number and approval occurs shortly after the email address validation process. They support the regular web as well as blogs and news feeds.

The key to making money from blogs is not an instant and quick process.
So when you register, follow the rules and policies provided. You can be ambitious, but you have to play smart and be able to see the opportunities that exist. 

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