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5 Dangers of Copy Paste Articles that Destroy Your Blog


Jul 6, 2015

To build a blog, a blogger is required to consistently produce content on a regular basis.
This is very important considering that a blog that is rich in posts will easily attract visitors to read the blog for a long time. Good blogs usually update their content once a week, twice a week, once every 2 days or even 1 new article a day.

For some bloggers, this habit is certainly not an easy thing to do.
Various difficulties become obstacles to producing articles continuously. Some of them had difficulty finding the title of the content and there were also few references to the topic of discussion. This situation makes them choose a shortcut to create articles. Copying and pasting is an alternative for them to update posts which of course is dangerous for the continuity of the blog.

What about the blog articles you wrote yourself or not?

If you do it yourself then please continue, but if there is copy paste content it is best to edit it with your own grammar and style and then republish it.
This is very important because it is dangerous for your blog on search engines.

The dangers of using copy paste articles

5 Dangers of Copy Paste Articles that Destroy Your Blog

1. Difficulty competing on SERPs

SERP or Search Engine Result Page is the first page of a search engine which is mostly occupied by websites with good quality content.
Search engines consider copy-paste content as a duplicate or stealing someone else’s work. Even for original articles, you have to compete fiercely with thousands of competitors. As for search engines, it is impossible for them to like plagiarized posts like this so their hope of appearing on SERPs is closed. As a result, the blog will not get clicks or visitors.

2. Get sanctions from Google

The purpose of publishing posts is so that they can be found (indexed) by search engines, especially Google.
Currently, Google’s engines are increasingly sophisticated and can identify possible stolen articles. If the Google engine finds copy-pasted content, it will definitely be subject to sanctions which will be very detrimental to the blog owner. These dangers could be Google Sandbox, Google Panda, and others. If your blog has been subject to sanctions, the biggest possibility is deindexing, which means your articles will be removed from search engines.

3. Difficulties with Google Adsense

Adsense is one way for bloggers to make money from blogs.
Many bloggers want to become publishers and hope for additional income. To become an Adsense publisher, one of the requirements is original articles. If any number of articles are copied and pasted, it is impossible for them to be accepted into this program.

As for bloggers who have been accepted into Adsense, copy and paste content is still dangerous.
One of the worst sanctions for Adsense is that the account cannot be an Adsense publisher forever (banned). And Adsense somehow knows which account was banned even though they re-registered with a different identity.

4. Other bloggers don’t like it

It is the nature of writers everywhere to steal other people’s work.
Even though the stolen work is a trivial matter. Likewise, a blogger will be happy if other people use their work provided they include the source of the information.

If there is a blog with copy paste content without a source, this will make the owner of the work angry and furious.
As a result, they will spread the word to other bloggers to be aware of the website. And what’s worse, they will report it as a crime.

5. Shackles creativity

Writing is a way for bloggers to express what they are thinking.
They write to entertain, benefit and provide solutions for their readers. To be able to produce such articles requires a lot of reading and writing. In this way, bloggers try to present new work that is unique and interesting to readers.

How to Write Unique Content ).

The act of copying and pasting periodically will kill imagination in expression.
Writing is creativity and it is impossible to produce good articles if you don’t want to learn to write. Start practicing writing so you can produce something unique so that you don’t get carried away with copy paste which is dangerous for the continuity of your blog. With hard and serious work, you will definitely be able to produce great work. 

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