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5 Beware of the Bad Effects of Excessive Blogging


Jan 16, 2017

Do you have hopes of becoming a successful blogger?

It’s not strange if you have dreams like that. How can a successful blogger not get abundant income from his blogging activities? Not only that, fun writing activities can lead you to become a great writer who is known by many people. That’s why many people are competing to create good and quality blogs.

However, it turns out that it is not easy to make it happen. It requires a series of processes with hard work to carry them out. Apart from that, you need time and smart work so that what you do will run effectively and efficiently.

Considering all these things, it is not surprising that excessive enjoyment of blogging will have an impact on a person’s life. Therefore, you must pay attention to knowledge of this problem wisely so that it does not have a bad influence on you and other people.

5 Beware of the Bad Effects of Excessive Blogging

The bad effects of excessive blogging

1. Health problems

This impact seems to be an open secret for bloggers.
How can blogging activities not be busy with writing articles, looking at a computer/laptop screen for a long time often results in an imperfect sitting position. As a result, several parts of the body experience health complaints, including back pain, red eyes, sore wrists, coughs and colds.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with setting a target when carrying out blogging activities. However, don’t overdo it. Remember, health is more open than your target. Therefore, if you have health complaints, take a break as soon as possible to avoid getting worse.

2. Influence thought patterns

Apart from the goodness and benefits of being a blogger that you already know, you should also be able to control yourself.
Don’t let yourself become too obsessed with the world of blogging so that it influences your mindset. The mindset of becoming a successful blogger and making a lot of money sometimes makes people unable to escape the shadows of building a blog.

This situation will certainly make you unable to think clearly. As a result, it is difficult for you to do other things that have nothing to do with the world of blogging. If you continue with this mindset then you will most likely experience problems developing your potential in other fields. So there is no other field that you can master properly and correctly.

3. Social interaction with the community is reduced

As you enjoy being involved in blogging activities, you will try to continuously see the development of the blog.
What happens to the number of visitors, incoming comments, what is the Alexa rank, etc. becomes the center of your attention on the blog. That’s why you can work in front of a computer or laptop all day long.

Focusing on blogs is highly recommended. However, don’t run away from interacting with other people around you. Socializing is important, especially for those of you who have reached adulthood or are married. Ignoring this means you will have problems when you need their help. Therefore, it is best for you to come when the community is holding community service, weddings, deaths, or other activities. In this way, family ties will be maintained so that there will be harmony between neighbors.

4. Reduced togetherness with family

The consequence of being involved in the world of blogging is that you will work hard without knowing the time.
How could blogging success not be determined by the number of articles, number of visitors and number of backlinks. Of course, to get maximum results you may work overtime so that the results can be achieved in a short time.

The problem arises when most of your daily time is devoted to blogging. As a result, you have to sacrifice time with your family because you are busy working. If you continue to maintain this habit, it is not impossible that most of your family members will feel that they are not cared for. If that’s the case, who do you work for?

5. Often forget to take care of yourself

Just imagine if you were too busy with blogging, what would happen?
In some cases, planning to build a blog that is less targeted often results in forgetting one’s own routine needs. Not infrequently, this causes you to shower late, eat late or ignore various housework.

If you don’t immediately make a good and appropriate work schedule when blogging, I’m afraid you will have difficulties with your family. Moreover, if your parents haven’t seen you succeed in blogging then there could be family arguments.

Regardless of your extraordinary potential in the field of writing or your strong desire to make money online. This doesn’t mean that blogging activities make you excessively obsessed. Therefore, you must have clear targets and goals when entering the world of blogging. That way you will be aware of the bad effects of excessive blogging pleasure. 

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