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5 Best Local Indonesian PPCs for Making Money


May 29, 2015

PPC or Pay Per Click is one way to make money from blogs.
The method is quite easy, namely you have to first join to become a publisher (ad publisher) from a PPC advertising provider.

Once accepted, all you have to do is place the ad on the blog according to the place you like.
Then you will get a commission if the ad is clicked by other people.

Each PPC provider provides different commissions depending on their respective policies.
Google Adsense is a global PPC that provides high commissions for its publishers. This is because Google is one of the largest companies in the world. 

Google Adsense does promise big commissions, but many internet players have difficulty registering their blogs to become Adsense publishers.
This fact makes some people pessimistic about being able to make money from blogs through PPC.

When faced with such a situation, of course local PPC is the best choice. 

For per click commissions, local PPC in Indonesia is still below global PPC, especially Adsense, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get rich from local PPC.

5 Best Local Indonesian PPCs for Making Money

You can make quite good money in local Indonesian PPC because it is supported by several interesting facts, namely:
1.   The registration process is relatively easy.
Unlike global PPC which requires complex requirements, local PPC actually offers it easy to join as their publisher.
2.   Indonesian language blogs tend to get visitors more easily.
This is because people prefer to read content in the language they master. Moreover, there are approximately 100,000,000 internet users in Indonesia. Of course this is good news for joining local PPC.

Currently, there are many big brands who want to become advertising providers on local PPC, such as Telkomsel and others.
The more large companies that join as advertising providers, of course the commission earned will be even greater for publishers.

The best local PPC in Indonesia

1.  IdBlogNetwork.com

This PPC provides more varied advertising.
Advertisements are not only in banner form, but are also available in video form. Among other advantages of local PPC, IdBlogNetwork offers a commission of IDR. 300.- to Rp. 2,000.- for each ad clicked. To pay out you must reach IDR 1,000,000.-.

2.  AdsenseCamp.com

One PPC that offers a commission of Rp.
300.- every click on text ads and commission Rp. 400.- every click on image ads. And to pay out yourself Rp. 100,000.- can now be transferred. Banks that can be used are BCA, BNI, Bank Mandiri or via Paypal.

3.  KlikAku.com

You can receive a commission of Rp.
250.- to Rp. 500.- for each ad click.

4.  Kumpublogger.com

Offers a commission of Rp.
300.- to Rp. 400.- to the publisher with a payout of Rp. 10,000.- for BCA bank and Pay out Rp. 50,000.- for non-BCA banks.

5.  Sitti.com

Minimum Pay out IDR 100,000.- with commission per click IDR 350.- to IDR.


The key to success in PPC is to first grow your blog so that it gets lots of visitors through quality and large amounts of content.
One of them is by choosing the best topic that you like by doing correct keyword research, which can be in the form of longtail keywords for content. 

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