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5 Barriers to Blogwalking When Looking for Backlinks


Feb 12, 2016

One surefire way to find backlinks is blogwalking.
Blogwalking is the activity of commenting on other people’s blogs. In this way, blogs can increase the number of potential visitors. Mainly from the search engines Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Unfortunately, in doing blogwalking, there are obstacles that are quite troublesome.
In fact, in some cases it is quite annoying. As a result, I often fail at blogwalking.

5 Barriers to Blogwalking When Looking for Backlinks

Barriers to blogwalking when looking for backlinks

1. Busy with blog ranking selection

However, the ranking of a blog greatly influences the quality of the backlinks it gets.
A site with a page rank and not a page rank will affect the assessment in the eyes of search engines like Google. Usually Google gives more consideration to these quality backlinks. Therefore, choosing a site with a page rank is what hinders me from doing a lot of blogwalking.

2. Limited Time

It cannot be denied that blogwalking will take a long time.
How could it not be that before doing blogwalking we have to read and know most of the main ideas. However, comments like “thank you for the article”, good or useful article” and the like.

Comments like this are spam blogwalking activities which are actually dangerous for blogs that use them. Of course this will take quite a long time. As a result I have to be good at managing my time for blogwalking, namely after posting an article.

3. Internet connection and blog loading

Regarding internet connection and blog loading problems, I think this is an obstacle that all bloggers often complain about, even before blogwalking.
How could a slow internet connection disrupt your way of thinking? Apart from that, slow blog loading also damages comfort even when the internet connection is smooth. As a result, I often ignore this site and look for other sites that are faster when it comes to loading blogs.

4. Knowledge of the Topic

I mentioned above that before doing blogwalking we must know the main idea in general.
In this case, of course the topic is the obstacle. Reading all the articles will take a long time while sometimes you don’t get the main idea. So it’s not uncommon for me to have to repeat myself so that the comments I write are related to the topic and are not considered spam comments. This may be easy to do if the article has a standard word count (400-600 words).

But what if the article is more than 1000-2000 words. It’s also possible to do blogwalking from standard articles, but in reality sites with long articles usually have better pagerank rankings. How about it, Blogwalking gets hampered, right?

5. Does not have a comments column

Good blogwalking is one that contains backlinks from top ranking sites.
However, it is not easy to find a site like this. In fact, many high-ranking sites eliminate the comments column. Indeed, sometimes there is a comments column, but only through social media such as Facebook or Google+. Of course, this is not good news for continuing to blogwalk. As a result I had to go to another site to resolve it.

In conclusion, Although my blogwalking obstacles are varied. However, in order to create a quality blog in the eyes of search engines, I still have to go through this because the benefits of blogwalking are very important. Therefore, I use the blogwalking obstacles above as seasoning for my struggle to find quality backlinks. Have other blogwalking obstacles? 

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