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4 Ways to Make Lots of Money From Blogs


May 22, 2015

Blogs have now become multifunctional media that are very useful for the various needs of most people on the internet.
Blogs have attracted internet users to express themselves more deeply to make money on their blogs. Writing articles is an expression

which blog owners often do.

Previously, people created blogs just to express their daily lives or express their hearts and hobbies.
As the internet world developed, people started creating blogs to make money as a side business. Even though a monetized blog can earn quite a lot of money on the side.

More and more people are starting to create blogs on the internet, making several
  free blog creation platforms that make it easier for people to create blogs without incurring the costs of renting paid hosting. There are many free blogging platform providers such as Blogger, WordPress.com, Joomla, and others.

Even though the blog platform is free, ways to make money are still wide open for blog owners.
If you are one of those who use the services of this free platform, don’t be discouraged because the opportunity to make money is still big and promising.

Most ways to make money from blogs can be obtained by following certain programs available on the internet.
There are many money-making models available on the internet. However, choose one of them so you can focus on building success.

4 Cara Menghasilkan Uang Melimpah Dari Blog

4 Ways to Make Lots of Money From Blogs 

1. Place PPC Ads

PPC ( pay per click) merupakan
model penghasil uang diblog berdasarkan klik yang telah dilakukan
pengunjung terhadap iklan yang Anda pasang diblog. Sebelum memasang iklan diblog
Anda harus menjadi publisher penyedia PPC setelah blog Anda barulah Anda dapat
memasang iklan diblog.

The commission you get from PPC comes from ad clicks made by visitors.
The amount of the commission is determined by choosing the right keywords to use as the topic and title of the article. Advertisers will pay high prices for high paying keywords. Usually the commission for English language blogs is greater than Indonesian language blogs.

The type of advertisement that appears will be closely related to the content on the blog so that you as the advertiser don’t need to think about it.
If it is a text ad, it will blend in with your content.

Because the way it works depends on visitor clicks, your job is to attract lots of visitors with content that many people are looking for and optimal SEO techniques.
This method of making money requires time, patience and good persistence. 

These PPC advertising models include:

  Google Adsense

  Infolinks (for English blogs)

Local Indonesian PPC
advertising models

a) KlikAku

b) AdsenseCamp

c) PPCIndo

d) IdBlogNetwork

Many PPC publishers have earned thousands of dollars from the above program, even though the blog is in Indonesian.

2.  Join the Affiliate Program

Affiliates are one way to make money from a second blog.
Affiliates work by promoting other people’s goods/products. Then if you succeed in selling the product, you will get a commission from the product owner. Your job is only to direct and attract potential buyers to buy the products you offer on your blog through the product links you install. 

Advantages of affiliate programs

a) Relatively cheap capital because there is no need to stock goods

b) The risk of loss is much smaller

Disadvantages of affiliate programs

a) Easy to be banned if you violate the agreement so that unpaid commissions are automatically lost

b) Must reach a certain minimum to be able to pay-out

Affiliate program providers include:

  Clickbank (digital product affiliate)

  Amazon (affiliate for almost all products)

  Hostgator (hosting affiliate)

3.  Sell Your Own Products/Services

If you have the ability to produce work that you can sell (example: create ebooks/software, article writing services, sales letter services, etc.) you can create a blog that makes money as a promotional medium.

4.  Provide Independent Advertising Space

If you have a blog with more than 10,000 unique visits per day, you can rent out empty space on your blog to other people who want to place advertisements on your blog.
Of course, the person has to pay monthly rent.
weekly. From the results of this rental you can make money on your blog.

What you need to pay attention to is that the ad must be relevant to the blog you are building.
So that your blog conversion is maintained.
Dari berbagai cara di atas fokuslah dulu pada 1 program saja yang paling Anda
minati. Semua program di atas memang semua dapat menghasilkan uang, tetapi
untuk mengikuti semuanya bukan pilihan yang bijaksana. 1 program yang dibangun
dengan serius sudah cukup membuat Anda sukses nantinya. Salah satunya melakukan cara riset keyword

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