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4 Valuable Benefits of Blogs for You


Oct 10, 2015

In the midst of such rapid development of the internet, it has brought a breath of fresh air for its users.
One of the most exciting things is blogs. Blogs are starting to have their own place for everyone. Even though it’s not for permanent work, but more as a side activity in the midst of busy work.

Maybe people wonder why blogs have become so phenomenal.
In fact, many people want to be more famous and blogs are pioneers for that. That’s why it’s not surprising that many people are starting to enter the world of the internet to become bloggers.

Basically, blogging is not a formal job that requires a high level of education and economic strata.
Therefore, it is not impossible if there are successful bloggers who were previously only manual laborers. Even more successful than those who work as office employees.

4 Valuable Benefits of Blogs for You

6 benefits that can be obtained from blogs

1. Be Popular

Basically, someone can be known to many people if they have become a famous artist or athlete.
However, currently this method no longer applies. Why?

It cannot be denied that many people want to be known throughout the world.
Blogs will be a medium that bridges you to this goal. Lots of people create blogs and then become famous. You know Raditya Dika who often appears on TV, before he was as famous as he is now, he was just an ordinary guy. However, reality changed after his blog KambingJantan.com exploded on the internet.

Likewise, Eka Lesmana, a blogger who used to be a free-range duck driver, suddenly became popular because of his extraordinary income from the internet.
Therefore, it doesn’t seem excessive if you want to be known, you have to create a blog.

2. Practice Writing

Writing nowadays is no longer dominated by journalists alone.
Anyone can write and publish it. So it’s not surprising that when you browse the internet and visit a certain site, it turns out that the manager/author of the site/blog is only a part-time blogger who is still in high school.

Maybe at first writing was just for fun, but 5 years later it turned out that he was able to write quality books.
Therefore, don’t be afraid to start writing.

Writing is not about skill, but about habit.
So if you have a blog then your writing skills will automatically develop.

How’s that for a bus?
One thing that is certain is that you will often read references from quality writers, whether from news media or master writers. From these factors, you will practice your writing skills to produce writing that attracts readers and how to develop a word idea into a varied paragraph.

3. Increase Intelligence

It is not easy to be smart, it requires extra effort and hard work.
A series of techniques and methods are carried out to increase brain intelligence. But sometimes cost is not a guarantee of quality.

One of the easiest ways is to have a blog.
Why is that? Indeed, blogs are not directly related to intelligence. However, in blogging activities there are activities of looking for scientific references, writing articles and interacting with readers. Apart from that, there is also a discussion forum for bloggers.

In this regard, can it not be interpreted that this method has proven to be effective in increasing a person’s intelligence?
So why delay becoming a blogger?

4. Make Money

Maximizing some of the benefits above is actually enough to make you better, but wait a minute.
It turns out there are still other tempting benefits. What’s that?

It is not easy to become rich in a society that is lacking.
However, with a blog, this perception can be eliminated. The blog supports some surprising money-making programs.

One of the most popular is the PPC (PayPerClick) program with the main icon Google Adsense or Infolinks.
Apart from that, there are affiliate marketing, online stores, advertising services, and much more.

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. In conclusion, managing a blog should not be a burden for you.
There are many positive things you can do
. Try to maximize your potential and create phenomenal work from blogging. What do you use your blog for? Please share here friends 

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