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4 Factors for Blogs to Enter the First Page of Google Search Engine


Aug 29, 2017

It cannot be denied that the tough task of a blogger is writing articles. How could it not be, writing is not an easy job. Moreover, if you have to write quality content, you can be sure it will take a long time, up to several hours in front of the computer.

Several years ago Google issued a guide to optimizing blogs or websites for search engines.
However, Google’s algorithm is continuously updated, making this guide only general in nature. So to get an article on the first page of Google you still need the next strategy.

Indeed, organic traffic really helps blogs maintain a stable number of visitors.
Of course, it will be easier if the articles you have written continue to rank high in search engines.

The problem is to be able to be on the first page of a search engine like Google, the reality can be said differently.
This is because competition is getting tighter so that the quality of articles becomes the reference.

4 Factors for Blogs to Enter the First Page of Google Search Engine

4 Factors for a blog to enter the first page of search engines

1. Blog age

Talking about the age of a blog certainly cannot be separated from the term blog recognition in search engines.

Before the search engines give a worthy position to an article, the blog must first have flying hours.

Let’s take a brief look at the Google Adsense program.
To become an Adsense publisher, Google provides a minimum limit of 6 months in several countries (for Blogspot sub domains) so that the blog is worth considering. If you do not meet these requirements, you will most likely not be accepted.

As for paid domains, it takes around 3 months before you are eligible to take part in becoming an Adsense publisher.

Regarding this, it certainly becomes clear that age is a bridge for Google to monitor the amount of traffic on blogs.
So it is not surprising that it is difficult for new blogs to get the first page position on the Google search engine for their article posts.

However, this is actually temporary.
However, if your blog is more than 1 year old, new articles can enter the first page of Google within a few days.

2. Article quality

SEO articles such as meta descriptions and permalinks start the strategy of finding a worthy position on the Google search engine.
However, this technique is a requirement before you publish to the public.

However, the latest Google algorithm states that quality articles are also influenced by visitor behavior.

When visitors feel comfortable reading, it indicates that the content has a strong appeal.

In this way, try checking how long visitors take to read the blog.
You can use Google Analytics or Histats or other blog monitoring tools. From there, please pay attention to how long it takes visitors on average to read your article.

Does it take 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes or more than 10 minutes to stay on the page.
Why is it important?

Long reading is Google’s reason that the article is truly written for humans and gets their serious attention.

So please compete to write quality articles for humans.
However, what is good in human behavior will automatically be considered quality for search engines.

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3. Number of words

Even if you feel like you have written a quality article, this does not guarantee that your article will immediately enter the first page of search engines.

The large number of competitors who write articles with similar titles makes competition on search engines even fiercer.
In addition, blog optimization related to the number of backlinks is also different. This is what causes blogs to sometimes have difficulty reaching the first page.

In some cases there are also blogs with a small number of backlinks, but have succeeded in reaching the top of the Google page.

Maybe you think it’s strange and rarely happens.
However, reality sometimes does not match expectations. Why?

The blog may have a small number of backlinks, but when referring to the articles it writes, the quality speaks for itself.
Besides that, the number of words can be the final key to top ranking in search engines.

In fact, according to Buzzumo, ranking in the top 10 on search engines usually belongs to blog content with an article length of more than 2000 words.
It could be said that the detail in discussing the topic is an added value for the author.

If your article loses in terms of quality and number of words then it is very likely that the target on the first page of Google is just a dream.
In this case, the choice of material becomes a meeting point for these two things because material that tends to be small cannot be written into detailed writing.

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4. Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) Ratings

Blogs that have developed usually have a reputation that can be seen through Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).
In the past, maybe Page rank was still safe as a reference for blog rankings other than Alexa rank. But now it has developed into DA and PA.

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Good blogs often have dozens of DA and PA (around 30 between a score of 0-100).
If your blog is still a sub-domain, then follow the parent domain, namely Blogspot with a score of 93.

However, for blogs with paid domains (Top Level Domains), you have to try harder starting from a score of 0 based on DA and PA.
To get a good reputation, you need quality content with detailed discussions.

Apart from that, you must prepare a writing strategy that allows visitors to feel safe and comfortable reading for a long time.
That way your blog can become an authority blog. For this reason you can increase DA and PA.

As for blogs that have low DA and PA, it is very possible that they only rank in the top 50 to 100 on search engines.
If that happens then you have to fight harder to improve the quality of your articles so that your blog’s DA and PA continue to increase.

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Regardless of the difficulty of writing good and quality articles.
It cannot be denied that you still have to go through a series of processes for managing and optimizing blog pages. Because you already know the tricks and
ways to get your blog on the first page of the Google search engine, you have high hopes of getting abundant traffic with lots of visitors. 

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