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4 Easiest, Fastest and Free Keyword Research Ways


Jun 15, 2015

The key to success in starting a blog and building it to become known to many people requires accurate and precise methods and strategies.
One way is to do good keyword research.

The methods used range from easy to complex, from free to paid.
All of this requires carefulness in choosing the best keyword research method.

The paid method is of course an advantage in itself, but for beginner bloggers it is certainly not the main choice considering that you cannot make money from your blog regularly.
This is more suitable for experienced mid to high level bloggers. For beginner bloggers, it is better to try free keyword research methods first.

4 Easiest, Fastest and Free Keyword Research Ways

There are various ways to research keywords to build a blog, depending on the user’s use.
There are keyword research methods that are suitable for Pay Per Click programs, both global PPC and local PPC (such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Adsensecamp, etc.), affiliate programs (Amazon, Clickbank, etc.), or other online business programs. .

The function of conducting keyword research is to find out the most sought after market niches on search engines so that you can create unique and interesting content that is directly targeted to readers based on these keywords.
The goal is very clear, namely to be able to enter the first page on search engines.

The 4 ways to research keywords are

1.  Google Search

This is the easiest way because when you type a certain keyword into the Google search engine a list will appear below of suggestions that are relevant to that keyword.
This is supported by how many people search for it on search engines. This method is generally used for any type of topic.

2.  Google Trends

This keyword research method is based more on an event/conversation that is currently popular on the internet.
You can see popular news based on certain countries only, not globally. Online business people are suitable to use this to make it easier to target buyers. This is also suitable for those of you who build blogs that have football, artist, politics and other topics.

3.  Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest displays a number of keywords based on various letters and numbers.
This is useful for compiling a content title on your blog because you can combine the 5-10 keyword suggestions that appear into 1 unique longtail keyword blog title.

4.  Adwords Keyword Planner

This method displays relevant keywords and keywords based on the number of searches per month in a year.
This keyword research method is suitable for blogs that are monetized with
Google Adsense or Infolinks.

Using the keyword research method above is effective enough to successfully start a bigger blog, targeted at direct readers and makes it easier for you to produce variations of content titles based on the topics you have chosen. 


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