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3 Reasons Why I should Blogging / Blogging


Jun 4, 2015

The internet has become a garden of free knowledge that reaches almost all levels of society in the world.
People can find various scientific disciplines on the internet, ranging from simple information to detailed information. Its existence has been

brings convenience to almost all areas of life.

The facilities offered are easy, fast and flexible.
Easy in the sense that you don’t need special skills to be able to use it. It’s fast in the sense that it doesn’t require support personnel to run it, and it’s flexible because people don’t have to dedicate daily work time to access it.
After a period of searching, I finally found something new.
The thing that fascinated me about what I found was blogs. The blog really made me think about why I was late in entering the world of blogging (blogging / the activity of running a blog). This thought arose because of the various potentials that I would get if I blogged.

If people browse on search engines, that’s normal.
If people communicate via social media, that’s normal. Many students/universities send emails to send data to schools/universities. And there are many more activities that can be done through this online media. When I get a picture like that, I try to look for new things to do on the internet.

3 Reasons Why I Should Blogging / Blogging

Because I’m someone who likes to read more or less, blogging is something that I have to make the most of.
To be able to produce work that can be enjoyed by other people, blogging is my means of making this happen.

I chose blogging for the following reasons:

1. Media I practice writing

Blogs usually contain content in the form of writing and images, so blogging is a good medium for practicing my writing skills.
Moreover, the content I will write depends on how I choose a blog topic that is suitable for me. Of course this will make it easier for me to produce unique and interesting content. In the future, I also hope to produce works from my writing, both conventional books and digital books (ebooks).

2. The desire to be known to more people

A blog that has a lot of content will certainly have an impact on the number of people who visit to read.
Attracting a large number of readers is the desire of almost all bloggers to become better known to many people. With so many readers, this proves that what I do is indeed useful for other people.

3. Make money from blogs

It cannot be denied that when people do something sustainably there is a purpose behind it.
Blogs are media that provide space for this purpose. Various programs are available on the internet that can monetize blogs, it’s just a matter of choosing which one is right for me. Starting from PPC programs (both global PPC and local PPC), affiliates, dropship, and other interesting programs.

In conclusion, even though blogging is not an easy activity to do, because you have great benefits and benefits from it, it should be a serious consideration.
The most important thing about blogging is that it can change your way of thinking to be more creative and innovative. 

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