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3 Reasons to Use Longtail Keywords for Content


Jun 11, 2015

One of the most important basics of blogging for getting traffic (visitors) is targeting the right keywords.
This target keyword is useful in creating content based on the blog topic you have chosen. Unique and quality content must be directly proportional to the use of the right keywords so that you don’t target the wrong target later.
Blogging is an activity that requires serious effort and thought to be successful.
Therefore, as a beginner blogger, you should use longtail keywords. Longtail keywords are very useful for the following reasons:

If you don’t create content based on clear keywords, it will certainly make you feel like you are hunting animals but you don’t know what animals you will hunt, whether for food or as pets.
So when you find a large number of animals you are confused about which animal should I catch first.

3 Reasons to Use Longtail Keywords for Content

3 Reasons to Use Longtail Keywords

1. Lower Competition

This is the best choice for beginner bloggers for blogging.
Longtail keywords tend to be easy for beginner bloggers to enter because the competition is relatively easy. Keywords with medium or high competition are not the right choice for beginners.

Keywords with high and medium competition are usually pursued by those who have a large team from a company.
High competition will not be easy for novice bloggers to penetrate because at this level it requires in-depth knowledge and super quality content.

In fact, on various search engines, medium and high competition tends to reach hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of people who search for it, while with low competition, at most hundreds of thousands of people search for it.

short keywords(short keyword)

Examples of
longtail keywords (long keywords)

The competition above shows a very different number of searches.
So you can imagine that low competition has more potential for you in building a blog.

2. More targeted at direct readers

In search engines, to achieve the target of having your blog appear on the first page requires the right strategy.
Short keywords are usually controlled by large companies or brands with large teams managing them. At this level you have to have magic to be able to compete with them.

These longtail keywords are a market that you can penetrate even by blogging alone.
Longtail keywords can maximize the blog you are building because the market you are targeting goes straight to the subject they need without guessing.

3. Easier to Create New Content

Blog content that is updated regularly is a favorite of search engines.
Longtail keywords encourage you to create content that is more specific to your chosen topic, but still does not go beyond discussing that topic. This will make your blog closer to becoming an authority blog and make it easier for you to choose a way to make money from a blog that is suitable for you. 

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