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3 Reasons I Quit the Plagiarism Checker Tool


Jan 21, 2016

Talking about unique articles, it seems that you cannot be separated from a tool called a plagiarism checker.
Some bloggers even have to always check whether the articles they have written are truly unique or contain copy-paste elements. It is indeed normal for a plagiarism checker tool to be the main choice to assure oneself that the article will be safe from other people’s copyright.

Apart from all that, it turns out that I don’t always use these tools, whether they are free tools, as
smallseotools or copyscape. It’s not without reason that I don’t use it anymore. In the past, I often checked whether the articles I wrote were truly unique in the eyes of search engines like Google. Understandably in the Google Adsense ProgramA copyright violation can result in a permanent ban.

However, recently I have a different view about plagiarism checker tools.
I often ignore it and don’t use it. Especially when
my writing skills improvegradually and more often relying on creative ideas. The feeling of wanting to use it often makes you think twice.

3 Reasons I Quit Plagiarism Checker

Reasons not to use a plagiarism checker tool

1. I’m not writing articles to sell

It shows positive things when I use the plagiarism checker tool to find out the unique quality of my article.
In fact, it is not uncommon for me to say “Yes” while clenching my fists as a sign of happiness when the check results show “100%”. I feel like I have fulfilled the requirements to become a professional writer.

However, after I started to find my identity as a writer, I started to think again about the plagiarism checker tool.

“Do I always have to check it every time I write an article using this tool?”

When that comes the question again, “Wouldn’t it be better for me to focus on writing long, quality articles, but the results that appear are always on the right track?”

Indeed unique articles are important, but considering what has happened previously with this tool I am starting to get bored.
Every time it is checked the average result shows more than 90%.

From here I started to reduce the use of plagiarism checker tools.
Moreover, I write articles for personal blogs and not for sale. If it is for sale then I will definitely use it because customer satisfaction is absolutely important. However, because it is only used for personal experience, the check results are the reason I ignore it.

2. I am not writing an article to review a product

One of the reasons why many affiliate marketing blogs are banned is because they indicate copy-paste.
Therefore, a plagiarism checker tool is a smart choice for checking the uniqueness of articles. It’s not impossible, but most affiliate marketers often have difficulty producing unique review articles. However, writing review articles is more difficult to achieve unique targets.

It should also be noted that writing review articles is often limited to the uses, features and advantages of the product, so it is not surprising that the discussion is more limited.
However, there is a special technique that is quite effective, namely changing the sentence a little and then checking it using this tool. If it works 100% then the plan to create a review article is successful.

However, because I am not writing articles to review affiliate products, I ignore the use of the plagiarism checker tool.
That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in affiliate marketing, but if I don’t have enough knowledge then I won’t dare to focus on it.

3. I write articles relying on creative ideas

It cannot be denied that when I started blogging, I often copied and pasted from other people’s blogs to write articles.
It looks bad, but due to limited knowledge in the world of writing I was forced to do it.

However, I realize that excessive copy-pasting can make an article indicated as plagiarized.
Therefore, with a few changes in the words, I revised the sentence so that the article becomes unique. Of course, after I checked using the plagiarism checker tool.

As the amount of practice and experience increased along with guidance from buying ebooks, I finally found
how to write good articles for readers. Namely writing articles relying on imagination, inspiration and creativity. The results did not disappoint, I was able to write articles of more than 1000 words.

In connection with this, I consciously started to stop checking articles in the plagiarism checker.
I am quite sure and confident that what I have written is good enough and unique. That’s why I can reduce or stop the plagiarism checker tool which also drains my internet quota. Understandably so that blogging is more economical. 

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