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3 Happiness When Your Article is Copy-pasted by Someone Else


Jan 23, 2016

It shows something confusing when we find blog articles copied and pasted by other people.
How could this not make us both happy and sad and disappointed? As you know, writing articles is not an easy job to do in a short time. Moreover, producing quality articles requires proper preparation and processes.

However, it turns out that copied and pasted articles bring at least 3 things that make you happy as a writer.

The joy of copying and pasting articles

1. Your article is considered quality

There is no doubt that when people steal your articles they are actually recognizing the quality of the articles you wrote.
Apart from that, they also realize that they are not yet able to write quality articles like you. That’s why they take your articles to fill their blogs.

On the other hand, with the existence of this article, they also hope that blog visitors will enjoy reading their blog. This kind of possibility makes you happy.

2. Articles provide inspiration

Trying to write quality articles with your own creative ideas is still difficult for a beginner blogger.
Therefore, they look for sources of inspiration to write good articles. even though it is true that it is still difficult for them to write articles based on this idea. So don’t be surprised if they take your article as inspiration for writing on a blog.

Unfortunately, because their creativity is still limited, they take a number of paragraphs or main sentences in your article to apply in their writing. This is where if you one day find an article that is similar to your writing, you could say that they stole inspiration from your blog. Isn’t this good news because you can inspire others?

3. Your article is worthy of distribution

Another piece of good news from your writing which was stolen by someone else.
In fact, they admit that your writing has many and targeted benefits. Therefore they steal your articles for your blog. However, it turns out that the main thought in your article received a good response from other people.

The proof is that they took and used the article to redistribute it, even though they claimed the article was theirs. The point is that your article is distributed by other people, doesn’t that indicate that the quality of the article you write is really high quality?

Unfortunately, the existence of bloggers whose work is still copy-paste often hits the heart and soul. They arbitrarily take articles without giving credit to the original author. What’s worse is that they only insert footnotes under the article without any backlink to the original author. Don’t they know the 5 dangers of copy-paste articles for blogs ?

Therefore, it is important for those of you who like creative writing to secure articles (can be via DMCA). Meanwhile, for bloggers who like copy-pasting, quickly get rid of this bad habit. Start building a blog by learning to write good articles (Read: Easy Ways to Learn to Write for Beginners ) and be confident in your writing. Remember, it turns out writing is fun (Read:Powerful Reasons That Make Writing Fun ). That way, you will become a blogger who has integrity and credibility that deserves appreciation from other bloggers. 

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