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3 Basic Reasons Blogging Activities Are Said to Be Not Easy


Mar 4, 2017

It cannot be denied that managing a blog requires hard work and smart work. So it is not surprising that various efforts are studied to achieve this success. You may even have to pay a lot of money to buy ebooks related to writing tips, blogging tips, monetization tips and tips on building backlinks and email marketing lists.

Unfortunately, even though all this has been done, it cannot guarantee that blog activities will run smoothly. Problems arise because in some cases novice bloggers often find it difficult to manage them. This is not surprising considering that a blogger is a profession whose working hours can exceed those of office employees.

3 Basic Reasons Blogging Activities Are Said to Be Not Easy

This is the basic reason blogging activities are said to be not easy

1. Write and publish articles regularly

To develop a blog so that it has a lot of detailed information, the existence of blog content is the reference.
How could it not be, articles on blogs are the news that visitors are most looking for. So it is not surprising that writing activities must continue.

Writing articles can be said to be not easy. It takes concentration and focus to produce good, quality writing. Without this, the article is just a series of words without any impression or feeling of satisfaction for the reader. Therefore, blog owners should continue to update their blog content with the latest articles that are unique, interesting and informative.

However, not all bloggers can consistently publish articles on a schedule. Physical and psychological conditions can influence this, but it is not uncommon for busyness in the real world to make time for writing increasingly limited. This is what makes publishing articles a bit of a drag.

2. Consistently look for backlinks

Learning from mistakes certainly makes your experience grow better.
In relation to managing a blog this also applies.

Maybe you have written articles without paying attention to backlinks for the site, then see what happens. The blog’s ranking in search engines becomes low so that visitor traffic is not optimal or there are few readers.

To overcome this, there is no other way as the main alternative other than looking for backlinks. There are various ways to find quality backlinks such as guest blogging. Apart from that, there is still blogwalking and activity on forum sites.

The problem is that looking for backlinks requires the right strategy. Starting from writing good and interesting articles, commenting on other people’s blogs properly or planting backlinks on forum sites or question and answer sites. Of course, this cannot be done to the extreme in one day. However, it must be done routinely little by little so that spam is not detected by search engines.

3. Consistency in finding or creating images for posts

However, the power of images can explain information and news that cannot be described in words.
Therefore, the presence of images is very important to support visitors’ interest in reading. Just imagine if every blog post didn’t have pictures, readers would definitely get bored and find it difficult to understand in a short time.

The good news is that now there are many sites that provide images that can be used freely for any purpose, whether personal or commercial sites. The thousands of images and photos provided cover various topics, making this easier for bloggers.

However, sometimes you will have difficulty finding images or photos that reflect a summary of the article material. In this situation there is no other way except you have to make an image with your own creative ideas. Creating images is certainly not easy if the target is to attract the reader’s sense of satisfaction. Therefore, consistently searching for or creating images makes blogging activities difficult to say.

In conclusion, regardless of your strong desire to become a successful blogger and make money. It turns out it’s not an easy matter to achieve it. Therefore, blogging activities will not run on the right track without being consistent in these 3 things. 

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