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11 Gentle Ways to Force Blog Visitors to Stay


Feb 6, 2017

As site managers, of course we all hope that traffic continues to increase. Therefore, various methods need to be done so that the results are satisfactory. Moreover, if you manage a blog for sales purposes, the presence of visitors who enjoy reading is a magnet for a business blogger.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to get visitors to stay long in reading a blog. Especially if you look at the many bloggers who fail to manage their blogs. I understand that a blogger must consider his blog as a great work of art. That’s why a blogger works hard to present a quality blog to visitors.

You definitely hope that visitors will loyally follow the content you present. Of course you have to have a strategy so that this can run smoothly. If not, then the fear of visitors returning to your site is impossible.

The good news is that the following methods can make your blog look friendly and still prioritize credibility. Besides that, loyalty is an important thing that you need so that visitors stay at home.

11 Gentle Ways to Force Blog Visitors to Stay

Gentle Ways to Force Blog Visitors to Stay

1. Provide simple navigation

You can’t force visitors to stay while they are confused by the site navigation you present.
Maybe you think this is beautiful to the eye. However, in reality, visitors are more annoyed with this method.

You should make it easy for visitors with the navigation they need in a short time. Don’t display excessive navigation at the top of the blog with distracting vertical menus.

11 Gentle Ways to Force Blog Visitors to Stay

What is wrong with it?

You need to know that this navigation method tends to change their enthusiasm and concentration in reading. How come?

Basically, when visitors are ready to read content, you should not force visitors to see something else from the content. If this happens there is a big chance they will click on the link. The danger is that if the content you present is of poor quality, it can make them discouraged from reading. As a result, they immediately close your blog page without leaving a valuable impression. Therefore, simplify your blog navigation.

2. Lock with an attractive color scheme

To make your blog unique from other blogs, you might think about choosing attractive colors.
In this case you may want to present several colors for consideration. It could even be that you want all parts of the blog to look different.

If you are a painter, I am sure that lots of colors will definitely make the painting more beautiful and eye-catching. However, this scheme is wrong if you apply it to a blog.

The problem arises because visitors only want the writing you present. If they are preoccupied with the distraction of the blog’s color scheme then they will get straight to the point of the article. What’s that?

If your post is in the form of a list they will slide off and go reading only the list and run away from the explanation. If that’s the case, visitors will definitely run away in a matter of seconds and disappear. The color you use is a consideration for staying or going.

3. Use images

You can’t possibly force visitors to read one big post without stopping.
Maybe your article is useful, but sometimes there is a part in the article that is difficult for people to understand. This is because human memory levels vary.

Regarding this, use images as a solver for this problem. The presence of images tends to make a deep impression on visitors. So it is not surprising that they feel relieved by the doubts that arise.

4. Blog header with a powerful logo and description

Even though it looks trivial, actually having a logo and description in the blog header really helps you look professional.
Maybe you have your own design of an attractive blog logo, but make sure it really hypnotizes visitors to be interested.

If you don’t understand logo design, you can use a design service. Don’t be afraid to spend money on this because the impression that emerges can inspire them to stay.

5. Create post titles that trigger emotions

Appearing with extraordinary posts does not necessarily attract visitors to read.

Know why?

No matter how good your writing is, the first thing they see is the title. A post title that looks simple will not invite emotion. That’s why even though the number of words and quality of your article is very interesting, the chances of them clicking on the post title and reading it are small.

Some professional bloggers consider the title a crucial issue. In fact, they could have thought about this a little longer. Therefore, pay close attention to the uniqueness of the title, don’t be in a hurry to choose it, especially if it is similar to other titles because this will only prevent your blog from arousing their curiosity about your content.

6. Come up with a thrilling opening paragraph

Don’t underestimate the opening paragraph in every blog post.
Present an opening that makes their hearts flutter. If you are able to hypnotize the content, they will continue reading with feelings of joy.

It also works the other way around. If your opening looks simple, well known and unimpressive then the chances of them continuing are small. For this matter learn to craft great opening sentences and paragraphs.

7. Arrange the paragraphs to be shorter

The length of words and number of sentences in a paragraph apparently has an impact on visitor psychology.
Paragraphs that are too long make readers unable to take a breath to think. This is what confuses their understanding so it is not uncommon for them to have to repeat the first paragraph.

If you want visitors to stay on the blog, try to stimulate their imagination by setting short paragraphs. Don’t get hung up on the main idea a paragraph must have. This is true, but if you apply this method, you can be sure that visitors will feel bored. It is enough for readers to see that your paragraph consists of 3-5 sentences.

8. Stunning conclusion (closing).

Good writing always consists of an opening, body and conclusion.
Therefore, you must be able to appeal to their emotions in this section. In fact, it is highly recommended that the emotional effect is twofold.

Pull them in with clear words about what to do next. Or you can insert a request for them to comment. Don’t even leave related articles below the post so they run to the post.

9. Subheadings are sometimes effective

Visitors really want what they read to be clear and neatly structured.
In this case, separate your content with subtitles. However, you prefer content with a list type and visitors enjoy it.

Moreover, if your content is very long, subheadings in bold, larger letters will make it easier for them to get the main idea. If possible, change the color of the subtitles to a different color so that they are easy for visitors to remember.

When visitors feel honored then there is a high probability that traffic to them will return.

10. Charming language style

Even though your posts are very high quality with various classy information.
However, don’t blame visitors if they don’t like reading.

Also know that language style is a signal of credibility and accessibility. Arranging sentences that follow standard patterns makes them unresponsive and fascinated.

Try looking at the language style of every professional blogger, they have their own characteristics in constructing sentences. You have to learn from them and come up with new, innovative language styles.

11. Building a communication network

Whoever you are, to become big and known you have to connect with other people.
Please build communication with other bloggers who have the same field. That way you can share new insights and experiences. Apart from that, the opportunity to get followers and contributors is very open considering that you and he really need it.

If this communication network runs well, it is not impossible that visitors will read until the last comment on your post.

In conclusion, being aware of what visitors need will reveal the weaknesses of your blog. Therefore, don’t ignore every detail of the parts of your blog that you tend not to like. By knowing these shortcomings, I’m sure you can force visitors to stay for a long time and want to come back to see your next post. 

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