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11 Best Magic Words for Success Motivation


Oct 3, 2015

It cannot be denied that everyone wants to achieve success.
Therefore, they take various methods to make it happen. What is clear is that their target is to live a decent and happy life. Even though it will drain their energy and thoughts beyond their capabilities.

But unfortunately there are several things that make success difficult to achieve.
One of the main problems is difficult living conditions. How could it not be, we are often faced with economic conditions that are so lacking that it is difficult to develop. Apart from that, it is not uncommon for us to want to improve our quality of life. However, because there is no support from family and loved ones, in the end it is just wishful thinking without any steps forward.

It’s not an easy thing to be successful.
However, these problems should not make you weak in spirit and hope. There are at least some motivational words that can help you become a successful person.

11 Best Magic Words for Success Motivation

11 Best Magic Words for Success Motivation

1. This world is a world full of possibilities, so put your dreams as high as mountains to achieve them. (AMBITION)

Before you have dreams you will just be an ordinary person who is forgotten.
Many people don’t want to aspire because they think it’s too high and impossible. Even though dreams are the initial foundation before determining future plans. 

2. Sadness will always be present in life. Weak people will talk about the past to blame, but successful people will think about how to create new happiness. (MINDSET)

Sadness can come at any time.
But you need to remember that sadness shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. Having a healthy mindset will be very necessary for every problem. Therefore, don’t let yourself be trapped in a situation that will destroy you.

3. The principle of success is happiness, namely making yourself and your loved ones happy. (PRINCIPLE)

One thing that is forgotten about success is the principles and goals themselves.
True success is not always about money, but the most important thing is being able to bring happiness to family and loved ones, including friends around us.

4. A ship’s crew will not be blamed by the leader if they haven’t found the wind. But he will be blamed if he catches the wind and does not raise the sails. (OPPORTUNITY)

No matter what job or skill you have and master to be successful, intelligence in finding opportunities is very necessary.
Success is an opportunity and opportunities are not present for lazy people. Therefore, you must immediately find progressive opportunities so that you are able to cross boundaries and be able to create victory towards success.

5. Plans are efforts to succeed. If your plan is more mature, then success will be closer. (PLAN)

No success targets will be achieved without planning.
If you fail to plan, it means you are working towards failure yourself. A plan is like a compass and map that will guide you step by step towards your destination when life conditions are unstable.

6. Never count the number of failures you experience, but start counting any positive experiences from these failures. (FAILURE)

Everyone has failed.
This includes successful individuals who are world-famous. This is a fact that you must remember. Various failures will shape you into a person who is more flexible in solving problems. For successful people, problems are the key to providing extraordinary experiences to advance further. And of course you know Thomas Alfa Edison who needed 1000 experiments to create the incandescent lamp

7. Don’t complain about your physical shortcomings, but how to turn the one advantage you have into an extraordinary work. (LACK)

Many people are born with poor physical conditions, but they rise up and change history by becoming successful people.
The success they achieve exceeds the success achieved by normal people and many normal people even fail to achieve success. What makes it different?

8. Focus is the key to success, if you cannot focus then you are preparing to fail. (FOCUS)

To achieve success requires extraordinary focus.
You cannot achieve success if your thoughts and energy are scattered among various problems, places and goals. Paying attention to all this, you should focus on one mature plan and put aside other plans first. This will limit your space so you don’t do things that are useless and in vain.

9. Your creativity in creating new ideas will make you a pioneer of future success. (CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE)

Even though you have focused on one of your plans.
However, you should add creativity and a little new innovation so that what you are trying to do becomes more unique and attracts people. This is important to do so that as you follow the path of success, people will easily recognize you. To increase creativity and new innovations, you need lots of supporting references, this could be through books, observations, or other people’s experiences.

10. Success is built on the foundation of hope and love, while fear is the main reason you stop fighting. (FIGHTING)

It cannot be denied that every life is a struggle.
Living without fighting is like a living corpse whose work is only troublesome. Success requires consistent and long struggle. Therefore, people who stop fighting mean they have no goal of becoming a successful person.

11. Sacrifice and success. It could be that sacrifice is needed to facilitate the path to success. (SACRIFICE)

Everyone is willing to make sacrifices to get something better.
So it is not surprising if you find that some successful people spend excessive time working, researching or experimenting for certain goals. Likewise, with a successful life, you may have to sacrifice your time to relax and play to do extraordinary work.

These motivational words for success can be valuable capital for you to achieve success.
Living conditions and lack of support from those closest to you should not be a problem for you to continue developing.

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Success is unique, you will not find people who are successful but they have positive habits that are not found in most people.
Individuals who want to progress should not care about what people say and insult them. They are more focused on maximizing their potential and exploding it into a bomb that shocks the city’s residents. What do you think? 

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