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11 Advantages of Affiliate Marketing that Make People Want to Run This Business


Sep 13, 2021

 Having a business that makes a lot of money sounds like great happiness. There are many ways to make this dream come true, one of which is by becoming an affiliate marketer. The activity is called affiliate marketing.

What is interesting about the affiliate marketing business that makes so many people want to pursue this work?

In fact, you could say that this business is a business that is not the same as the work of employees who can regularly get paid monthly with a certain nominal salary.

However, it turns out that there are also employees who use affiliate marketing as their next source of income apart from salary as an employee. At least there are several advantages of affiliate marketing that make them want to become affiliate marketers.

The advantages of affiliate marketing business for making money

1. No Product Fees

If you pay attention to all physical businesses, of course you will find production costs before selling an item. Production costs are something that all business people must know before they determine the selling price that must be determined on the market.

However, in fact, in the affiliate marketing business, production costs are something strange. Why is that?

Of course you know that the way affiliate marketers work is only to distribute unique sales links from vendors/product owners. There is no obligation for affiliates to bear production costs, because the product owner has provided a sales system, where only when a sale occurs, an affiliate marketer gets a commission. Other things are the responsibility of the product owner/vendor.

2. Cheap initial capital

An affiliate marketer does not need expensive capital to run it. You could even say it’s cheap, even without capital. This is proven by how an affiliate promotes their sales link. If you distribute sales links via a personal website, you can use free media such as Blogspot. If you want to look professional, you can customize the domain so that the website address becomes more branded.

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Even with just a social media account, you can run affiliate business practices. You just take the affiliate link from the member area vendor / product owner, then post a status on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. by including the affiliate link. It’s easy and not complicated enough to be done even by beginners.

3. Most vendors make it free to become an affiliate

Unlike product vendors who require their resellers to pay a registration fee to become resellers. The opposite actually happens in the affiliate marketing business. In fact, most vendors actually make it free for affiliates who want to help promote their products.

Only a small number of vendors do not do the above. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay a registration fee too. Basically, they implement a system of accepting to become their affiliate on the condition that they have purchased one of their products.

However, cases like this are very rare. Even then, there are still many similar products that do not use this system. So, you don’t need to be too discouraged if you can’t become an affiliate for their product.

4. Can Sell Many Products / Many Categories

If you think that by becoming an affiliate marketer the products you can sell are very limited, then this thought is very wrong. In fact, you can become an affiliate marketer and sell many products and many categories.

You can promote physical products and digital products. If it’s a physical product, you can become an affiliate in various marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, etc. Meanwhile, if it’s a digital product, you can become an affiliate on the Ratakan marketplace. In fact, many digital product vendors open up opportunities to become affiliates of the products they sell.

5. No need for sales marketing expert experience

Regardless of whatever product you are promoting with the affiliate link, you are not required to have a lot of advanced marketing skills. Usually vendors / merchants have provided various combat tools for promotions.

These promotional tools include product banners, product covers, and copywriting. In fact, it is not uncommon to make it easier for affiliates to promote immediately by providing a salespage template file (usually in the form of a Json file or HTML file – this is specifically for WordPress-based websites).

6. No need for employees

If you want to become an affiliate marketer now or ever, you don’t have to have employees to practice. In contrast to building a local business / MSME, you have to recruit several employees to make running the business easier. If there are no employees, your business will suffer because energy is drained quickly and rest time is very short.

It’s true that having employees makes your job easier, but you have to bear the burden of their salaries every week or month. 

But happily for an affiliate marketer there are no problems with employees. Because basically affiliate businesses do not require additional employees. Even you alone can do this work.

In fact, if I’m honest, some office employees use the affiliate business as a side business to pursue after office work is finished.

7. No Order Processing Fees

It is normal in local businesses that there are order processing costs, such as goods packaging costs, payment gateway fees, potential product refunds, etc. Of course, this is a fairly large cost burden if accumulated.

However, for an affiliate, the possibility of encountering this problem is impossible. This is because the affiliate’s job is to distribute sales links, directly directing buyers to the website or vendor/merchant. So all work from the order process until the product is received by the buyer is the responsibility of the vendor / merchant.

8. No need to stock goods

Affiliate marketing business is a business that makes things easy without capital and stock of goods. To get a sales commission, an affiliate only needs to share a unique affiliate product link, direct it to the website, a sale occurs, the commission goes into the affiliate’s account.

Stocking is a way for resellers to sell their products. whereas an affiliate marketer just needs to diligently promote, distribute affiliate links, generate traffic and hope that sales will occur then the commission will enter your account.

9. The risk is small or almost non-existent

If you are a product reseller, you must stock the goods and guarantee the order process until the goods are delivered to the buyer safely. This situation is a daily activity for a local businessman. 

The problem is if the buyer is dissatisfied with the product purchased and asks for a refund. So in this case there are 2 possibilities, the buyer asks for a replacement item or they ask for the money to be returned. Whatever their choice, as the owner of the goods you must bear the costs of goods that are not suitable/damaged during the delivery process.

Well, the unique thing is that the risks as an affiliate marketer can be said to be very small, almost non-existent. If you market a quality product, buyers will be satisfied with the product. However, if the buyer is dissatisfied and even asks for a refund, then the vendor must be responsible for resolving it. As long as when buyers see your sales link post there are no elements of deception or the like, which means you explain the product according to reality and are not engineered.

10. Can be done anytime and anywhere

The most enjoyable work is work that is not limited by working hours. Working in the morning, afternoon, evening or night according to conditions is happiness. Because it won’t disturb your time with office work or activities with your family.

In fact, you can do affiliate business anywhere, be it at home, in a café, at a tourist spot, etc. You don’t need to worry about anything, because affiliate marketer work only requires a laptop and a good internet connection.

11. Huge Earning Potential

As a businessman, of course you expect large income. However, it still requires hard work and smart work. Especially when the national economic condition is being shaken by the crisis.

Becoming an affiliate may be a smart choice whether you are an employee or not. Even though affiliate marketers have no stock, no employees, very little capital, they don’t even need to work all day. In fact, the earning potential of an affiliate marketer remains large. Of course you have to work smart to make this happen. 

Why do I say big?

Try observing various merchants / vendors that provide affiliate marketing systems. You will find out the amount of commission you will get when a sale occurs. 

For physical products, maybe a commission of 4% -6% is fairly common, but for digital products it’s a different story. In the digital product marketplace, you can get a commission of 20% -75% when sales occur through your affiliate link. If it’s just one sale, it might not be felt. However, if sales occur 100 or 500 times per product, approximately how much income can you collect?

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In conclusion, it is not easy to make big dreams come true by becoming an affiliate marketer, but rest assured that there are many ways to make a fortune. If you want to be one of them, then the main key to being an affiliate marketer is to work hard, work smart, never give up, don’t complain too much, continue to be patient and believe with prayer that this business choice is the right one for making halal money.


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