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10 Sites to Check Website or Blog Prices Online


Jul 4, 2017

Creating and managing a blog can be said to be fun, especially if website prices are getting higher every day. In fact, the price of a website or blog can be a solace or entertainment so that novice bloggers don’t feel disappointed with the blog they build.

Maybe you already know that it is not easy to create a blog with lots of posts and generate lots of visitors. Struggle and hard work are often stopped by missed achievements. Therefore, it is not surprising that some bloggers feel that they have failed to develop their blog.

Therefore, as a personal blog owner, knowing the value or price or value of a website/blog is very important. It’s not a suggestion for sale. However, there’s no harm in knowing the price. Who knows, maybe in the future you will feel unable to manage it anymore and want to sell it.

However, price check sites are not always 100% correct. This is because the calculation system of each website varies in quality. Most of the methods for calculating the price of a website or blog are based on Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa rank, Page rank, number of visitors, number of backlinks and so on.

10 Sites to Check Website or Blog Prices Online

This is a site for checking website / blog prices online

1. Sitevaluefox.com

2. Check-website-price.com

3. Yourwebsitevalue.com

4. Checkwebsiteprice.com

5. Checksite.com

6. Checkwebworth.com

7. Urlrate.com

8. Mywebsiteprice.com

9. Freesiteworth.com

10. Worthofwebsite.com

Regardless of the price of the website or blog you enter. Actually, this is not a reference that the price of your website or blog is correct. However, there is no harm in being happy if the price of your website is higher. In this way, you will feel that there is an improvement in the quality of your website or blog on a regular basis.

However, if you really want to sell your blog for some reason, it is better for you to visit sites that actually offer website buying and selling services. There are several sites you can try visiting, such as WebJual.com or Flippa.com . On this site, your blog will be examined in more depth regarding the highest potential prices that can be obtained.

In closing, you should not frequently open website or blog price check sites. It’s not that you shouldn’t do it, but in certain cases you can fall into a sense of excessive pride because of the prices displayed. So it is not impossible that your consistency in writing and publishing articles will be a little late. So, please check the website prices if you really feel frustrated or disappointed. That way, your enthusiasm for blogging doesn’t decrease drastically. 

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