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10 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Business for Business Bloggers


May 25, 2017

Who would have thought that the affiliate marketing business would actually provide tempting profits for business bloggers, including beginners. This is proven by various screenshots or reports of world internet marketers who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

Indeed, there are various online businesses that you can find on the internet.
You can even choose your own online business model that suits your passion. Starting from PPC advertising programs such as Google Adsense or Infolinks. There are also other business models such as online sales or affiliate marketing.

However, affiliate marketing comes with extraordinary advantages.
This is not strange considering the benefits that can be superior to other online money-making programs. Because of this, many internet marketers are finally happy with this profession.

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money from marketing other people’s products.
Then, if it turns out that a purchase occurs because of your referral, you will get a commission from the product owner.

10 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Beginner Bloggers

Benefits of affiliate marketing business for beginner bloggers

1. No need to create a product

It’s a tough task if you have to make your own product first before running a business.
Indeed, this can be used to build the brand of your goods. However, if the goal is to produce good and quality products, it is certainly not an easy thing to do.

However, because you are only an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to be tired of making products to sell.
All you have to do is market products that are finished and ready to be marketed to potential buyers.

2. No production costs

In the business world, of course it is common knowledge that capital for the costs of producing goods is the problem.
Many people immediately start their business because they are constrained by capital problems, production costs.

It’s different if you are an affiliate marketer.
You simply forget about production costs and focus on marketing the product.

3. No sales experience required

For those of you who have experienced being in sales, you will certainly find it difficult to work outdoors.
Not to mention having talked at length about the advantages of the product, it turns out the person didn’t buy it. Sad!!

Affiliate marketing programs are a great solution for making money by product owners on an effective way to market their products.
So, your job is much easier.

4. Can sell various products

If you sell your own products then you have to focus on certain products such as clothes, shoes, accessories or kitchen equipment.
This is to make it easier for you to manage your business.

Affiliate marketers can market various varied products for sale.
So, if you are already marketing products about clothing, you can still market completely different products such as electronics, digital products, home appliances, or hotel or plane tickets.

5. No need to stock goods

Stocking of goods is not the part that affiliate marketers have to work on.
Therefore, you don’t need to have a warehouse or large room to accommodate all the stock of goods for sale.

6. No need to pack goods

A job that is quite tiring is packing goods before handing them over to customers via delivery services.
It may seem trivial, but if the demand for goods increases then you need employees to do it.

The affiliate marketer profession has nothing to do with packaging goods.
This work will be carried out by the affiliate marketing service provider itself. So, you just have to enjoy it and enjoy the commission when a sale occurs.

7. No need to confirm with the buyer

The thing that can be confusing is confirming payments from buyers one by one.
How could it not be, the seller must pay attention to all data about the buyer such as name, address, contact person. From there, precision is needed so that the goods arrive correctly.

Affiliate marketing will not provide such a confirmation process.
In fact, what happens is that an affiliate marketer who is successful in selling a product will not know who the buyer is, be it name, address or contact person who can be contacted. All commissions earned flow from affiliate service providers.

8. There is no risk of getting angry with the buyer

However, buyers must get good goods and friendly service from the seller.
Because it will affect the way they view the seller and the products being sold.

It would be a shame if the product sold does not match the item received.
Or it turns out the price of the item is too expensive. So this incident is likely to make buyers angry with the seller.

It’s a different story if an affiliate marketer is successful in selling a product.
All complaints that may be bad from buyers will only be responded to by the affiliate service provider (merchant). So, you are free from complaints from dissatisfied buyers.

9. Market supports for all over the world

In general, every product marketed online has the potential to get buyers from all over the world.
However, there are factors that can influence the running of this business, such as language. Sellers who use promotional media (for example blogs or websites) in local languages ​​(for example Indonesian) tend to focus on that country. However, if the seller uses a global language such as English, it can cover the whole world.

10. Abundant money potential

Actually, every online business has the potential to make abundant money.
That’s why by becoming an affiliate marketer you can earn millions of rupiah per month from this business. As long as you are diligent and consistent with this program. Apart from that, you also have to know the correct ways and tricks for running an affiliate marketing business.

In conclusion, becoming an affiliate marketer is not something you have to do.
It’s even possible that you can earn much more income than other money-making programs on the internet. Even so, the affiliate marketing business has become a lucrative business model because of the 10 advantages above. 

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  1. pengalaman menjual sepertinya butuh mas, jika kita tidak tau cara menjualnya bagaimana kita bisa mempromosikan produk yang ingin kita promosikan begitu , trma kasih 😀

  2. Dalam dunia internet memang pengalaman menjual penting, tetapi terkadang untuk bisnis affiliate marketing bisa closing dari beberapa cara yaitu konten blog, banner, email marketing atau minisite. Tinggal mana yang menurut anda paling sesuai dengan passion. Saya kira itu.

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